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4 Cocktails That Pair Nicely With Pizza March 21, 2019

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4 Cocktails That Pair Nicely With Pizza , Covington, Kentucky

From delicious cheeses and tender meats to fresh vegetables and silky sauces, pizza is a go-to dish that appeals to everyone. Pairing just the right cocktail with a slice of thin crust or deep dish will elevate the meal. Here’s a helpful guide on which beverages are the tastiest matches with your favorite pizza.

4 Cocktail Choices to Pair With Pizza

1. Screwdriver

While there are variations of this favorite beverage, the foundation is fresh orange juice and vodka. Round out a ranch-based pizza with the citrus notes of a screwdriver. The mozzarella, onions, tomatoes, green peppers and bacon reinforces the crisp, sharp notes of vodka.

2. Bloody Mary

pizzaThe zesty kick of hot sauce, lemon, vodka and tomato juice in this popular cocktail blends harmoniously with bold toppings. Request it if you’re planning to savor slices topped with spicy meats such as Buffalo or BBQ chicken. The flavors play off each other and create a delicious spicy combination.

3. Jack & Coke

Seasoned beef layered over gooey cheese and delicious tomato sauce on top of freshly-baked crust can’t be beat. If this is your pie of choice, consider the sweetness and punch of a Jack and Coke. Jack Daniel’s ® combined with bubbly cola doesn’t overpower the richness of the cooked beef. Instead, it balances the pizza’s deep flavor with a tangy punch.

4. Gin & Tonic

Clean and vibrant, gin and tonics revitalize the palate. Sip it along with your slice of white pizza with its mozzarella, ricotta and Parmesan cheeses for a marriage of savory and creamy textures. The beverage is also an ideal pairing with a rich white sauce layered on a chicken Alfredo pizza.


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