Covington Central Business District, Kentucky

Riverfront Pizza & Sports Bar

Riverfront Pizza & Sports Bar

617 W 3rd St
Covington, KY 41011
(859) 261-4800
Riverfront Pizza & Sports Bar, Bars, Nightlife and Music, Covington, Kentucky

Nothing hits the spot quite like a freshly baked pizza. Riverfront Pizza & Sports Bar in Covington, KY, has been serving the area since 1991 and specializes in homestyle Italian food. Local pizza lovers know this established eatery is the best spot to find mouthwatering pizza that never disappoints, along with a wide and varied menu of delicious options.

In addition to classic pizzas like cheese, pepperoni, and mushroom, there are also several specialty pizzas that appeal to more eclectic tastes. The Taco Pizza, for example, fuses the best flavors of Mexico and Italy, while the BBQ Chicken Pizza adds a smoky twist to a beloved favorite.

Beyond pizza, the Riverfront Pizza & Sports Bar menu offers something for everyone including hoagies, pasta, wings, burgers, garlic bread, onion rings, and much more. There are even delicious dessert options to round out your meal, including funnel cake sticks and brownie bites.

While they offer the convenient option to grab a carryout pizza or order pizza delivery, consider popping into the restaurant for a family dinner, a casual date, or a fun evening with friends. Featuring wood-paneled walls, arcade games, and large-screen TVs tuned into major sporting events, the spacious restaurant is the picture of laid-back ambiance.

For a less formal dining experience, grab a seat at the bar and indulge in your favorite meal. With a wide range of ice cold beers on tap, you can count on this friendly neighborhood sports bar to treat you right as you take in some football or basketball with friends.

Whether you're planning a special outing with loved ones or you just need to kick back and relax for a little while, pay a visit to Riverfront Pizza & Sports Bar when hunger strikes. For more information, visit the website or call (859) 261-4800 to place an order.

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