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3 Septic Tank Maintenance Steps to Prepare Your System for Spring March 12, 2019

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3 Septic Tank Maintenance Steps to Prepare Your System for Spring, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska

When preparing your home for spring, put septic tank maintenance at the top of your to-do list. While spring weather happens a little later in Alaska, the increase in wetness will affect your septic system and drain field.  Here are a few essential tasks to keep your system running smoothly.

What Septic Tank Maintenance Is Needed Before Spring?

1. Clean Gutters & Redirect Drain Spouts

The first half of the Alaskan spring is usually wet. There’s an uptick in rain, and the warmer temperatures will cause the layers of ice and snow to melt. If this runoff is not directed away from your drain field, it will saturate the soil, which prevents incoming waste from being properly treated. Prevent this by cleaning your gutters and downspouts and pointing them away from the drain field.

2. Locate & Clean Septic Filterseptic tank maintenance

The septic filter stops solids from entering the drain field. Over time, it can become clogged and cause the system to back up. When inspecting your tank, you can find the filter on the inside of the outlet baffle that leads into the drain field. Remove it from the tank, and clean it with a hose. Doing this about every four months will prevent easily avoidable repairs and premature line failure. 

3. Schedule Septic Tank Pumping

The cold soil temperatures in Alaska prevent bacteria from growing in the tank, so waste doesn’t naturally break down over time. To counter this, you’ll have to schedule septic tank pumping more frequently than homeowners in other parts of the country. Ideally, this should be every two years, but if you use a garbage disposal, a whirlpool, or hot tub, annual pumping is more accurate. This will prevent any risk of waste overflowing onto your yard, backing up into your home, or causing the system to fail.


Prepare your septic system for the spring weather by having it cleaned by the professionals at Bigfoot Pumping & Thawing. They are a locally owned business, and their team provides septic tank maintenance to the Greater Fairbanks, AK, region. Call them today at (907) 488-9855 to schedule septic pumping. For more information about their other services, visit their website

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