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Blocked plumbing and septic systems are no match for Bigfoot Pumping & Thawing. A locally owned family business in North Pole, AK, Big Foot Pumping & Thawing has over 25 years of experience providing annual, seasonal and emergency plumbing services to residents of interior Alaska. Services include general plumbing, septic tank maintenance, drain cleaning, water jetting, snaking, toilet repair and pipe thawing. Since plumbing emergencies happen around the clock, Bigfoot Pumping & Thawing is available 24/7 for urgent calls.

Bigfoot Pumping & Thawing uses cutting-edge technology to diagnose and repair plumbing systems, such as CCTV to locate blockages. Since Alaska's colder ground temperature prohibits the growth of sludge-eating bacteria, the resulting build up in an un-maintained septic system results in drain clogging – and costly repairs. But yearly septic tank pumping from Bigfoot Plumbing & Repair will significantly prolong the life of your septic system, up to 20 years or more.

Bigfoot Pumping & Thawing built their reputation through word-of-mouth customer referrals as an affordable business with a friendly and knowledgeable crew, guaranteeing fast and efficient service. Whether you need a septic inspection or just have a clogged toilet, no job is too small. Call Bigfoot Pumping & Thawing at 907-488-9855 to set up an estimate right now.

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A septic tank collects all of the solid waste and water sent down a home’s drain, so frequent usage will fill it up quicker. Typical maintenance involves septic pumping at more
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Septic systems are effective and convenient solutions for homes that can’t access municipal sewers. If your property relies on this arrangement, there are a few plumbing and septic more
Septic systems are powerful waste management tools that allow homeowners to take matters out of the municipality and into their own hands. However, they can also be quite delicate, more
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Whether it’s due to weakened materials or an unseasonable drop in temperature caused the water inside to freeze, a burst pipe requires immediate action to minimize water more
The plumbing fixtures in your bathroom are both stylish and functional. Though they last a long time, you’ll need to replace them toward the end of their usable life to more
Low water pressure can be a nuisance throughout your home. It can be difficult to shower and wash dishes, and you may have problems watering your garden. Regardless of whether more
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Uninsulated water pipes in unheated areas of the home—such as attics, garages, basements, and crawlspaces—can freeze if it gets cold enough. Frozen pipes not only prevent water flow more
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Winter is a dangerous time for your plumbing. When pipes undergo the wrong combination of pressure and cold, they can freeze and burst, leading to expensive repairs, property damage, more
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A typical septic system features a watertight tank made of fiberglass, plastic, or concrete, as well as a distribution box and drainfield — all of which are connected with more
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Providing quality septic tank maintenance is an important service Bigfoot Pumping & Thawing offers the North Pole, AK, community. But that’s not the only service this more
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If you’re a homeowner who connects to a municipal sewer line, your property comes equipped with a sewer clean out. The clean out is a capped entry into the lateral sewer line that more
Homeowners in North Pole, AK, know winter can wreak havoc on a home both inside and out. Frozen pipes are just one concern that can be inconvenient and costly if extensive repairs more
Since we’re so used to having them in our lives, it’s easy to take our toilets for granted. Every day, we use them to dispose of waste in an easy and sanitary fashion. However, not more
If you live in the North Pole, AK, area, you already know frozen pipes are a common winter problem. However, even if you’ve made it through the coldest months with your pipes intact, more
Whether you’re experiencing a clogged toilet or another plumbing emergency, it’s understandable to want to deal with the problem as quickly and effectively as possible. So what more
When was the last time you had your septic system inspected? If it’s been more than a year, then you should call in a professional septic tank maintenance company like Bigfoot more
A damaged septic pumping system can cause major problems. Depending on the severity, you may be faced with the decision to repair or replace the entire system. Bigfoot Pumping & more
When your septic system is not working as it should, it’s a good idea to understand what the warning signs are. If you notice any issues, you can call in the professionals for a more
As a small family-owned business in North Pole, AK, Bigfoot Pumping & Thawing understands how important customers are. Your office is the place where you make your business more
Bigfoot Pumping & Thawing of North Pole, AK, is a locally-owned family business that's dedicated to the surrounding community. They handle everything from septic tank pumping to more
For those homeowners not connected to a local sewer system, your septic tank is an integral part of your home. It transports used water from your home and properly disposes of solid more
Septic pumping is a largely invisible but crucial force in a home ecosystem. Septic tank maintenance is a delicate operation, and it calls for a skilled and trustworthy company to more
Owning a business is a lot of work, especially when it comes to plumbing maintenance. When business and home owners in North Pole, AK, want to make sure their pipes are functioning more
As an Alaskan resident, you know that the ground here gets incredibly cold, particularly during wintertime. Plumbing issues can crop up from time to time, so it’s a good idea to more
Residents in Alaska are used to surviving in frigid temperatures, but their plumbing isn’t as equipped to handle the winter weather. Line freezing is a common problem that causes more
Pipes need a little extra care during the winter, particularly during an Alaskan winter. When pipes freeze, the ice inside expands and could lead to a burst pipe, which could be a more
Fall is here, and you know what that means – a bitter cold Alaskan winter awaits us. To help you prepare for the snow and the ice to come, check out these helpful tips for more
Bigfoot Pumping & Thawing is your #1 choice for septic plumbing and pipe thawing in North Pole, Alaska. With over 25 years of experience, this family owned and operated business more
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