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6 Types of Shower Glass Doors to Consider for Your Bathroom March 15, 2019

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6 Types of Shower Glass Doors to Consider for Your Bathroom, Greece, New York

Although choosing a shower glass door may seem straightforward at first, the decision may actually pose a conundrum for design-conscious homeowners. That’s because there are many different styles available, all of which offer their own distinctive advantages. Here’s what you need to know.

What Types of Shower Doors Are Available?

1. Bypass

One of the most common styles is the bypass door, which slides on a set of tracks affixed to the shower. They’re ideal if your bathroom has limited space and can’t accommodate a swinging door, or if you have a shower and bathtub combination.

2. Hinged

Rochester, NY shower glass doorsIf you do have enough space in the bathroom, then you might ask about hinged doors. These swing outward like any type of entry door. Depending on the shower’s configuration, your installer might attach the hinges to a neighboring glass panel or to the wall.

3. Steam

You can lend your bathroom a spa-like quality by installing steam shower glass doors. These are distinctive for their air-tight seals and floor-to-ceiling designs. When you turn on the water, all of the steam is contained inside to create a sauna-style effect.

4. Pivot

Unlike hinged doors, which only swing outward, pivot doors can swing both inside and outside. This style is particularly fitting in a contemporary bathroom design. Your installer can attach the hinges on the side of the shower, or even in the center if you want to create a revolving door.

5. Bi-Fold

In especially compact bathrooms, another option is a bi-fold door. These paneled doors fold like accordions when pressed and only extend slightly outward instead of further out the way a swinging door might.

6. Frosted

Fogged glass can take away from the elegance of your shower door. But if you happen to favor a little bit of that coverage and privacy, consider installing frosted glass doors. They look great in larger bathrooms and can transform the appearance of your space if you’re renovating.


The experts at Genesee Glass & Mirror have served homeowners throughout Rochester, NY, since 1975. These qualified glass and window repair specialists understand that everyone has different design preferences, which is why they offer an extensive range of shower glass doors. Whether you’re renovating, replacing, or moving in, you can easily breathe new life into your bathroom. They can also repair fogged glass, provide mirror replacements, and even fix your delicate glass table tops. Visit them online for details, or call (585) 621-3580.

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