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Which Shower Glass Doors Should I Buy for My Bathroom? January 3, 2019

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Which Shower Glass Doors Should I Buy for My Bathroom?, Rochester, New York

When deciding on how to make your bathroom more comfortable and functional, installing new shower glass doors should not be overlooked. As one of the largest components in the space, the glass and framing materials can bring together other elements in the room. When weighing options, keeping a few considerations in mind will make it easier to narrow choices.  

3 Tips for Finding the Best Bathroom Shower Doors

1. Consider Who Uses the Shower Enclosure

In homes with seniors, children, and individuals with special needs, it might be easier to move the bars on sliding panel installations rather than grip and pull handles on heavy hinged doors. As the glass will open from either side, it could be easier to get in and out of the stall, too. If able-bodied adults will use the bathroom, both sliding and hinged installations could work in the space.  

2. Think About Bathroom Size

Rochester-New-York-shower-glass-doorIdeally, installing new shower glass doors shouldn’t impact the ability to move comfortably around the bathroom. In cramped quarters, sliding doors or bifold fixtures that swing in and out will create fewer obstacles than enclosures with large, double doors that open away from the stall. In larger bathrooms, pivot doors will provide scale to complement the size of the room. Typically installed on corner shower stalls, round doors often open inward. The fixtures increase the size of the bathing section of the room, so consider this option if you have the space. 

3. Figure Out What Aesthetic You Want to Create

The shower glass door style will impact the overall look of the room. If you have a minimalist, modern space, for example, a frameless door with clear glass will mimic the clean lines in the rest of the bathroom. As the glass is barely noticeable, it won’t pull focus from other features either.  You could also install frosted glass to add texture and depth to the area and more privacy when bathing. Opting for a framed shower glass door could help unify other elements in the room. With different finishes and materials available, you could find an option to complement sink and shower faucets, cabinet handles, and other bathroom hardware. 


If you need help transforming your bathroom with new shower glass doors, contact the professionals at Genesee Glass & Mirror. Based in Rochester, NY, the technicians provide material suggestions and prompt shower door and mirror replacement to make Monroe County residents’ bathrooms more valuable, comfortable, and functional for their families. They also provide glass and window repair to prevent safety hazards inside customers’ homes. To schedule a consultation, call (585) 621-3580. Visit the company’s website and Facebook page for ideas to inspire your bathroom makeover.  

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