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4 Basic Elements of a Japanese Garden March 14, 2019

Honolulu, Honolulu
4 Basic Elements of a Japanese Garden, Honolulu, Hawaii

If you’re looking for a way to create a peaceful atmosphere close to home, a Japanese garden is a perfect solution. Beauty and serenity promote restful contemplation, allowing you to de-stress and enjoy a healthy dose of nature. If you’re thinking about building one, the following elements, from plants to Japanese garden stones, will help achieve the desired result.

4 Features in an Authentic Japanese Garden

1. Art

Objects like statues, lanterns, benches, bird baths, and metal sculptures can increase the natural beauty of your garden. Scatter these art pieces around the bends of the path, so there’s something new to see around each corner, enhancing the mystery of the space.

2. Water Features

japanese garden stonesThere are few sounds more peaceful than that of flowing water. Swap out grass around a walkway for water. The trickling sound of water will help reduce the hum of nearby traffic, while small ponds will create pretty vistas to gaze upon while you sit and relax. Build a Japanese-style bridge over the water and place pagodas on small islands.

3. Plants

Choose plats that provide shelter, beauty, and shade, like a tall tree or flowering bushes. Use contrasting textures and colors to create an eye-catching landscape and incorporate traditional plants, like bamboo, to create an authentic feel.

4. Japanese Garden Stones

Stone is a key element of nature, and the ones in your garden should be arranged artistically to emphasize them. You can use Japanese garden stones to create a walkway to a bench or reflection pond. They can also represent other elements of nature, like dry stone streambeds and patches of gravel raked to resemble ripples on an ocean.


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