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3 Ways Critters Can Break Into Your Home March 15, 2019

Concord, Cabarrus
3 Ways Critters Can Break Into Your Home, Concord, North Carolina

Although the wildlife running around your yard may be cute, it doesn’t mean you want them coming into your home. They carry diseases, pose a hazard to your family members and pets, and can damage your property. Fortunately, by knowing the ways they can break into your home, you can be proactive. Here are a few weak spots to address in your preventive pest control efforts. 

How Does Wildlife Enter a Home?

1. Through Roof Vents

Vents are key to your attic’s ventilation, boosting your home’s energy efficiency and preventing the growth of mold. However, the covers over these vents can easily be pushed aside or chewed through. Installing mesh made of steel wool inside the vents will keep out even the most determined trespassers.

2. Down the Chimney

pest controlThe chimney is an entrance that practically invites critters into your home. Good climbers such as mice, squirrels, or raccoons can easily climb their way in and out, while birds like to nest inside chimneys. You can block off this entry point by installing a chimney cap. This pest control barrier goes over the top of your chimney, and the small mesh is made of stainless steel so critters can’t chew through it.

3. Under the Fascia

Fascia, or the boards that support your gutters, are a prime weak spot in the roof. The moisture from water running through the gutters weakens the wood, making it easy to chew through. Hire a professional to replace any damaged wood, and have them seal your roofline with a water-resistant metal barrier so it cannot be chewed through.


Prevention and quick reaction are key with any type of pests, whether it’s a raccoon or a bedbug. Acme Pest Control has a 70-year track record of effective pest control for residents throughout Concord and Charlotte, NC, and they’ll help you secure your home so critters can’t break in. They know that every home is unique, which is why they tailor their residential pest control services to each client based on their needs and budget. If you do get an intruder, they’ll provide safe and efficient pest removal. Contact them online or call (704) 707-4748 to learn more about pest-proofing your home today.

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