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Three years. That’s how long it takes for termites to start doing real damage to your house. Over this period of time, a termite colony can grow up to 2,000,000 strong — but it only takes Acme Pest Control Co’s termite treatment a few days to make them all disappear. With 70 years’ experience, they’ve kept Concord and Charlotte, NC, homes clean with termite, bed bug, and rodent removal.

Acme Pest Control Co has maintained the community’s trust for seven decades by putting their customers first. When you speak with one of their pest removal experts, they’ll work to understand your situation — specifics of your house, the area around you, and your budget — to deliver tailor-made service. They’ll work within your schedule to get you the pest control services you need.

Every time we discover a bug in the home, the next question is the same: are there any more? How long have they been here? These important questions can only be answered by routine inspection. If Acme Pest Control Co finds infestations of any sort, rest assured that they can begin removing it immediately. As members of the National Pest Control Association, these pest control experts only use the most efficient techniques to remove termites, wildlife, and bugs from your property.

Don’t risk your property value — establish a relationship with an exterminator before you see signs of damage. Acme Pest Control Co will find the most minute infections, pest-proof your home, and remove pests quickly and affordably. Call them at (704) 707-4748 today to make sure your home is pest-free or visit their website to find out more about common home pests.

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  NEW YEAR, NEW SAVINGS! 10% off initial service $100.00 off termite treatment Visit today or call our offices for more more
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