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Your Guide to Indoor Mold Growth as an Elderly Homeowner March 14, 2019

Your Guide to Indoor Mold Growth as an Elderly Homeowner, ,

Indoor mold growth causes adverse health effects for everyone, but it is particularly problematic for the elderly. Found in humid parts of your home like in basements, near water fixtures, and around your air conditioning unit, it spreads by releasing spores through the air. These spores contain a chemical component called mycotoxins that, when inhaled, cause a variety of health concerns. If your indoor air quality is being affected by mold, you need mold removal before your health issues become too severe.  

The Importance of Mold Removal for Elderly Residents

Why Mold Is More Dangerous for the Elderly

Symptoms of mold exposure vary and affect people in different ways. If you have mold in your home, you could experience early symptoms like a runny nose, itchy eyes, or cough. Failing to schedule mold removal leads to long-term exposure, which causes much more serious side effects. These include hypersensitivity, damage to your lungs, and pneumonia.

These health concerns are exasperated the older you get. As your body naturally ages, your immune system becomes less effective at combating illness, meaning each symptom is more dangerous for an elderly homeowner.

Mold RemovalMold removal services are even more important for older homeowners because it’s difficult to thoroughly clean your home as you age. Regularly checking crawl spaces or your basement grows increasingly difficult as mobility issues begin to arise; meaning that even if you have mold growing in your home, you might not be aware of it until your symptoms become too severe.

How to Combat Mold Exposure

If you are experiencing any symptoms of mold exposure, it’s important to search for the mold growth and treat it immediately to prevent your symptoms from worsening. Using a dehumidifier keeps the humidity in your home at a level that prevents mold growth, but it won’t help if your home is already exposed.

To prevent new mold from growing, always clean and dry any flooded area quickly and fix any leaky roofs, windows, or pipes. Professional mold removal services will also ensure your home is rid of mold and your indoor air quality is safe.


If you’re experiencing any symptoms of mold inhalation, don’t wait for the problems to worsen. Call the professionals at Henry’s Services in Anchorage, AK. Alaskan-owned and -operated since 1962, their team provides first-class mold removal, emergency water damage services, fire and water damage restoration, and general home improvement. Breathe easy again in your own home by calling (907) 344-4200 or visiting them online.  
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