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Henry's Services, Inc., Fire & Water Damage Repair, Services, Anchorage, Alaska

Henry’s Services, Inc. is a first-class, full-service home remodeling and restoration contractor in Anchorage, AK. Backed by an experienced team and innovative solutions, this company can help transform your home into the space you’ve been dreaming of or repair it to keep it strong.

No matter if your home remodeling project is small or large, Henry’s Services, Inc. is committed to delivering the right results. From full-scale kitchen remodeling to door and window installation, these experts make precision and exceptional craftsmanship a priority. If you’re interested in bathroom remodeling, this general contractor can revitalize your space with new cabinetry or tile installation. Or, if you’d rather fix up the outside of your home, this fencing company can provide custom deck and fence solutions to give your property a finessed finish.

You can also count on Henry’s Services, Inc. to provide various residential handyman services when you need it most. This team offers basic plumbing and electrical fixes, painting, and drywall repairs throughout the Anchorage area. If the Alaskan weather has your heating bills climbing, they also specialize in energy-efficient upgrades, such as insulation installation.

In addition to home improvement and remodeling services, this contractor is also recognized as a leading fire and water damage restoration specialist. From smoke damage cleaning to complete structural rebuilds, their fire restoration services are designed to give your home hope for the future at a fair price. If you encounter a burst pipe or sewage backup, emergency water damage services are available to clean and dry out your home quickly and effectively. They can even stamp out mold growth and provide thorough carpet cleaning.

To find out how this licensed, bonded, and insured contractor can help improve or repair your space, visit their website.  To request a free estimate on home remodeling or restoration services in Anchorage, give Henry’s Services, Inc. a call at (907) 344-4200.

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