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How Do Piano Lessons Help Kids With Special Needs? April 22, 2019

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How Do Piano Lessons Help Kids With Special Needs?, Anchorage, Alaska

Learning to play an instrument has been shown to boost children's memory, help their coordination, and supplement their math skills. However, it can be especially beneficial to those who have special needs. If you have been looking for artistic outlets for your son or daughter, the guide below explains the ways private piano lessons help those with ADHD, autism, and a variety of other conditions.

3 Reasons Why Kids With Special Needs Should Learn to Play the Piano

1. Use Several Parts of the Brain

Piano lessons require the use of many different parts of the brain. While your child plays music, synapses will fire in their sensory, auditory, visual, prefrontal, and motor cortexes as well as the hippocampus, cerebellum, and amygdala. This type of multi-tasking assists with memory and focus, which can help those with ADHD. 

piano lessons2. Speak Without Words

For children who struggle with limited speech skills, piano lessons provide an alternate means of communication. In fact, recent studies have shown that autistic children are especially talented at recognizing pitches, memorizing songs, and identifying emotions that are expressed in music. As a result, they often feel a powerful therapeutic release when they play, knowing that some part of their thoughts has been heard.

3. Increase Motivation

Children with special needs tend to feel more motivated by music classes. Their instructor will help them set weekly goals that, once completed, will give them a sense of accomplishment and a desire to achieve more. When these same techniques are applied to other subjects, such as math or reading, they will likely see improvements there, too. 


Bring music into your kids’ lives with private piano lessons from European Piano School. For over 38 years, they have offered introductory piano classes while also helping children get comfortable with live performance. Call (907) 360-2915 to sign up for music classes or visit them online to learn more about their history and services. 

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