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The Intellectual Benefits of Piano Classes January 8, 2019

Anchorage, Anchorage, AK
The Intellectual Benefits of Piano Classes, Anchorage, Alaska

Learning to play an instrument gives you much more than a new hobby. Piano classes, for example, offer countless lasting cognitive advantages for players of any age. As your fingers become more adept at moving across the keys, your mind also becomes more capable of several tasks, discussed in the guide below.

5 Ways Piano Classes Affect Your Thinking

1. Boosts Mental Efficiency

While a majority of people are right- or left-handed, pianists must master the use of both hands to play. And, according to research, this, in turn, leads to a much stronger connection between the two hemispheres of the brain, which each control one hand. This leads to increased cognitive efficiency in the auditory, visual, and motor cortices.

2. Allows You to Think Creatively

Piano offers players a creative outlet, so it’s not surprising that it affects the imaginative areas of the brain. Those who take piano classes have more efficient connections within the frontal lobe, which deals heavily in decision-making processes. With faster access to more information, pianists are able to think creatively and spontaneously.

3. Encourages Innovation

piano classesThe more practice you have with a particular skill, the less you’ll need to rely on others for guidance. This is especially true with well-trained pianists. One brain imaging study, which asked pianists of varying skill levels to play freely, demonstrated that the regions of the brain associated with improvisation were more efficient in those with greater experience. They showed a greater capacity for innovation and unique performance.

4. Develops Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is a critical skill for adults and children alike to develop. When you first begin piano classes, there is much to learn, from reading sheet music to moving your fingers independently and simultaneously. Any pianist will tell you that the best method of mastery is lots of practice.

5. Stimulates Your Senses

Kids need to develop their cognitive, memory, auditory, somatosensory, and motor skills, while older adults must prevent their decline. Age-related sensory impairments can be significantly reduced with music training, allowing your brain to stay spry and alert.


If you're looking to pick up a new skill—or several—sign up for piano classes at European Piano School. Run by professionally trained pianist Iryna Dunaeva, this Anchorage, AK, studio offers beginner piano lessons to students of all ages. With over 38 successful years of teaching, using methods utilized by some of the world’s most renowned pianists, you or your child will benefit from the skills and cognitive advantages gained here. Visit their website to learn about their offerings or call (907) 360-2915 to sign up today.

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