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3 Maintenance Tips for Ready-Mix Concrete Surfaces March 15, 2019

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3 Maintenance Tips for Ready-Mix Concrete Surfaces, Cameron, North Carolina

From driveways to garden paths, ready-mix concrete has numerous applications in residential and commercial properties, and its strength and affordability are simply icing on the cake. However, as resilient as it may seem, even concrete needs some TLC. To ensure your surfaces stand the test of time, consider the following maintenance tips.

How to Take Care of Ready-Mix Concrete Surfaces

1. Avoid Deicing Agents

In the winter, cold temperatures and humidity can make your walkway, parking lot, or driveway slippery. However, the standard deicing agents sold in stores contain ammonium nitrates and sulfates, both of which break down ready-mix concrete on a chemical level. Because the products force a constant thawing and freezing cycle, they can also cause spalling — where moisture is allowed to seep into concrete. Instead, use sand to add traction to slippery concrete surfaces.

2. Fix Cracks & Holes

ready-mix concreteAs soon as you notice holes or cracks in your ready-mix concrete, call a repair company to patch the depressions. If left unaddressed, these openings will fill with water, sediment, and debris, and when the water freezes, it will widen the openings. To avoid this snowball effect and the need for total concrete replacement, tend to repair needs as soon as they arise.

3. Remove Stains

From parking cars to completing arts and crafts projects, you’ll eventually spill something on your concrete surface. However, it’s crucial that you wash away engine oil, gasoline, paint, and other substances immediately. Otherwise, they may soak into the concrete, permanently discoloring it. To keep staining at bay, you can apply a sealant to your ready-mix concrete, but you should still act fast when spills occur.


If you’re looking for more tips related to ready-mix concrete maintenance, turn to Weeks Sand Company in Cameron, NC. They’ve been supplying residential, commercial, and industrial customers with a wide range of aggregates, from ready-mix concrete and sand to clay and topsoil. If you need the material delivered to your site, their team will send trucks with the product that best suits your job. To learn more about their services, visit the website. Call (919) 499-4272 to request an estimate for your project today. 

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