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Weeks Sand & Concrete, Stone Sand & Clay, Services, Cameron, North Carolina

Serving Cameron, NC, and the surrounding areas since 1984, Weeks Sand & Concrete is the sand & concrete company of choice for commercial, industrial, and residential customers. With quality products and excellent customer care, the company prides themselves on providing their customers the materials they need for any construction and concrete project.

Locally-owned and -operated, Weeks Sand & Concrete supplies clients with materials such as ready-mix concrete, mortar sand, fill sand, sand clay, and topsoil. As experts in all things concrete and sand, the team is always available to assist customers and suggest the best products for each job.

If you need concrete delivered to your site, the team at Weeks Sand & Concrete will send their trucks to supply your project with ready-mix concrete or other concrete that best suits the job. They can also provide a Land Clearing and Inert Debris landfill to make your next job site run smoothly and efficiently.

The firm’s inventory of sand products is extensive, covering any type of sand necessary for a variety of projects such as sand clay, fill sand, and topsoil. Their mortar sand is the highest quality available on the market today.

With their service area extending from Cameron out to Sanford, Aberdeen, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and more, including Harnett and Lee Counties, Weeks Sand & Concrete is the concrete and sand company to choose for any worksite or residential job. They take pride in offering the highest quality products available and the best in customer service to ensure your next project is a success. To view their list of concrete and sand materials, visit their website or call (919) 499-4272 for an estimate on their services. 

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