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3 Factors to Consider Before You Start a Food Truck March 8, 2019

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
3 Factors to Consider Before You Start a Food Truck, Brooklyn, New York

So, you want to start a food truck. Owners of mobile food trucks must do their homework before getting started, both to increase their chance of success and remain in compliance with all rules and regulations. The following are just a few important points to keep in mind.

I Want to Start a Food Truck, Now What?

1. Choose the Right Location

Food trucks offer a convenient dining experience to customers. However, you can’t simply set up your truck wherever you please. Certain areas are restricted unless you have the proper permit. Additionally, there are also restrictions on how many food trucks can be in one place, which means you’ll be put on a waiting list. Brainstorm some desirable locations and then do some research on what it takes to reserve a spot.  

2. Make Health & Safety a Priority

Food trucks are beholden to the same health and safety standards as brick and mortar restaurants, so you’ll need a license to sell food to the public. In New York City, all food truck owners must have a Mobile Food Vending License as well as an inspection decal stating that the food truck or cart meets all health standards. In order to get your license, you’ll also need to attend classes on proper food handling.

3. Make the Most of Social Media

Start a Food TruckGetting the word out about your operation is easier than ever with social media. When scheduling, make sure your customers know where your food truck will be day-to-day. You can also offer specials and promotions via your social media accounts, as well as engage with your customers on a personal level. Maintaining a lively social media presence is a must for all start-ups, but it’s particularly beneficial when it comes to food trucks.


Once you’ve dealt with the above considerations, Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions can help you find the best kitchen supplies for your enterprise. For more than two decades, this Brooklyn, NY-based mobile kitchen product provider has supported entrepreneurs throughout Philly, Boston, New Jersey, Maryland, and North Carolina. They also have an extensive understanding of what it takes to start a food truck, from designing your kitchen to selecting the best location to serve your customers. Take a look at their mobile vending line by visiting the website. You can also call (800) 253-4815 to speak with a representative about your needs.

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