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The Do’s & Don’ts of Cat Claw Care February 25, 2019

Wahiawa, Wahiawa
The Do’s & Don’ts of Cat Claw Care, Wahiawa, Hawaii

Cats need healthy claws to stretch, exercise, balance, and scratch themselves. Some may happily sit in your lap when it’s time for claw care, but others may be resistant. If your feline friend disappears when the clippers come out, follow these veterinarian-approved tips.


Indulge your cat’s curiosity.

Bringing out a tool your cat has never seen before can make them nervous and less willing to sit still. Allow them to sniff and bat at the clippers ahead of time. Once your cat knows the tool isn’t harmful, hold them in a relaxing environment and give them some extra love before you begin clipping to make them feel safe and comfortable.

Perform a thorough check.

While you trim your cat’s claws, scan their paws for any splinters or debris. Examine the pads, which are particularly sensitive, for sores or infection. If you have a long-haired cat and see them licking their toes excessively, the hair between their toes might be irritating them. Talk to your veterinarian about hair trimming tips.


Cut down to the quick. 

veterinarianJust like humans, cats have a point where the nails meet the nerve endings, and cutting past this point can cause extreme pain. To avoid this, press into the fleshy part of your cat’s paw until their claws extend. Then use an extra sharp blade to cut only the white part of the tip where the curve begins.


If cutting your cat’s claws seems like a hassle, you may consider declawing. However, this practice will only hurt your feline friend since it entails amputating their toes. Declawed cats also have a harder time scratching in the litter box, which may cause them to go elsewhere, like your carpet. Pet surgery comes with the risk of complications like infections as well. If trimming claws poses a challenge, talk to your veterinarian about safe alternatives like claw caps as an interim solution.


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