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If you’re looking for a veterinarian who makes caring for your pet their top priority, Hawaii’s Wahiawa Pet Hospital is the place to go. Offering cutting-edge treatments in modern facilities, these veterinarians provide a diversity of services for cats, dogs, and select small animals. With a focus on preventative care, these veterinary professionals aim to build life-long relationships with their four-legged patients and the owners who care for them.

Wahiawa Pet Hospital’s diverse service offering includes general pet exams and vaccinations, dental care, and neutering and spaying. The surgical procedures they perform range from soft-tissue operations to orthopedic surgeries. In addition to these services, this pet hospital also offers boarding opportunities for healthy dogs and cats, providing your furry friend with a comfortable and secure home away from home.

Whatever procedure you turn to Wahiawa Pet Hospital for, your pet will receive personalized care in a welcoming environment that will put them and you at ease. The veterinary hospital staff will take the time to discuss any potential procedures with you in detail and keep you informed throughout the treatment processes. Every animal is treated like the unique and special individual it is—not like a nameless medical file.

The veterinarians at Wahiawa Pet Hospital take pride in their work: Helping Hawaii’s pet owners raise happy and healthy pets is their life’s passion. From the veterinarians to the support staff, these professionals are true animal lovers and treat every creature that comes through their door as if it were their own. Call the veterinary hospital at (808) 621-7000 to schedule an appointment, or visit them online.

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The Wahiawa Christmas Parade is scheduled for 12/1/2017 from 6:00 pm through 9:00 pm. We will have adjusted hours to accommodate for this festive event.  Our hospital will o...read more
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Our staff will be at a conference for continuing education on Tuesday, 8/22/2017 and our hospital will be closed at 5:00 pm.  We will resume normal business hours on Wednesday,...read more
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