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4 Ways Gymnastics Benefits Your Child’s Health April 4, 2019

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4 Ways Gymnastics Benefits Your Child’s Health, Penfield, New York

To foster healthy growth and habits, many parents encourage their children to sign up for sports. If you’re looking for a physical activity for your child to participate in, try gymnastics. This sport is challenging yet fun and approachable. It includes an array of exercises that help children build a strong foundation that they can carry on to many other areas of life, including other sports. Learn more about the benefits of gymnastics below. 

How Gymnastics Benefits Childhood Well-Being

1. Decreases the Risk of Obesity

Children and adolescents should receive at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day. This will help keep their body at a healthy weight and establish habits that will help to prevent obesity and the possibility of Type 2 diabetes as they become older. 

2. Builds Healthy Bones & Muscles

For balanced growth, children need more than cardio; they also need muscle- and bone-strengthening activities. Gymnastics is a type of weight-bearing activity, meaning it forces the body to work against gravity. This places slight stress on the bones and surrounding muscles, causing them to become stronger as they heal. 

3. Improves Coordination & Balanceexercise

Performing gymnastic exercises early on helps build the body’s strength and agility. This helps kids control their body movements and promotes the development of enhanced motor skills. As they advance from somersaults to backflips, their performance will improve and they’ll become more adept at completing intense exercises. 

4. Increases Cognitive Functioning

Physical activity has been shown to play a role in numerous mental functions — such as spatial awareness, inductive reasoning, and verbal communication — that impact a child’s overall cognitive well-being. Researchers have also found that an increase in physical activities like gymnastics tends to reduce the likelihood of depression and anxiety and even improve academic performance. 

Let your child begin taking advantage of the numerous health benefits gymnastic exercises have to offer by enrolling them in a class at The Gymnastics Training Center of Rochester today. This 22,000 square-foot facility in Penfield, NY, offers several year-round programs to accommodate children at all levels and ages throughout Monroe County. Call them today at (585) 388-8686 or visit their website to learn more about their options. 

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