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5 Popular Call Management Features for Business Phone Systems February 15, 2019

St. Charles, St. Charles
5 Popular Call Management Features for Business Phone Systems, St. Charles, Missouri

A growing company needs to stay connected to their clients, customers, and employees. But if existing telecommunications resources aren’t scalable or are outdated, meeting these demands can be daunting. Fortunately, today’s business phone systems offer advanced technology and features that can simplify your company’s overall call management experience. If you’re on the fence about updating your in-office phone systems, here are a few impressive features you could gain by making an upgrade.

5 Ways Modern Business Phone Systems Enhance Call Management Capabilities

1. Automatic Answering

Automatic answering is essentially a customized pre-recorded message that plays to callers in specific situations—such as when your business is closed or when the receptionist is busy. While simple and direct, these automated messages can keep your customers in the loop and prevent you from missing calls.

2. Cost-Effective VoIP Connections  

Rather than using traditional telephone lines, many companies are managing their phone traffic through VoIP—or Voice over Internet Protocol—connections. By directing communication through the Internet, data and voice can move more seamlessly to deliver clear audio and reliable connections. Compared to conventional phone lines, VoIP is also easy to scale and tends to be more affordable—especially when it comes to long-distance calls.

3. Transferring & Mobile Twinning

business phone systemToday’s business phone systems don’t have to stay anchored to the office. With a few simple actions, receptionists can transfer calls to employees’ cell phones for direct and reliable communication. Some systems also offer mobile twinning—a feature that allows your smartphone to double as your work phone while you’re away.

4. Call Recording

By recording and storing call conversations, modern office phone systems can provide immense peace of mind to companies. For example, recordings may be analyzed later to verify information or to review customer service exchanges.

5. Simplified Conferencing

If you’re tired of setting up conference calls that require confusing phone numbers and access codes, upgrading your current system may be the solution. Many modern systems allow users to easily create and connect to conference calls of any size. They can also be integrated with conference room speakers to provide crisp and clear audio to all those on the call.  


While it’s easy to recognize all the benefits of modern business phone systems, installing them can be challenging for companies to navigate. That’s why Clarus Communications provides business owners with comprehensive telecommunications services. Serving the St. Charles, MO, community and beyond, this managed IT provider will set-up and customize new systems specifically for your workplace’s needs. Offering end-to-end service, they will also make sure you are connected with the best providers in your area for a favorable cost. To learn more about their personalized, no-cost services, visit this telecommunications agency online or call a friendly associate at (314) 801-6700.

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