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The Benefits of Auditing Your Business Phone System December 18, 2018

St. Charles, St. Charles
The Benefits of Auditing Your Business Phone System, St. Charles, Missouri

Once they’ve signed up for a phone plan, most businesses just stick with it, letting the plan auto-renew year after year. However, while that plan might have been suitable for your business at the time, does it still meet all of your needs, or are you paying for services you no longer need? An audit of your business phone systems bill can help save money while maximizing your company’s communications ability.

Why You Should Audit Your Business Phone Bill

Are You Paying Overages?

Many business phone plans put limits on long-term calls and broadband usage, with steep charges for exceeding those caps. If your business phone system usage has expanded since you chose a contract, you might be paying unnecessary overage charges every month. An audit of your business phone system bill can identify wasted money and help you find a plan better suited to your needs.

Identifying Features You Don’t Need

business phone systemTelecom providers generally sell their services in bundles, which may include features and services you don’t use. A business phone system expert can go over your bill, identify these useless expenditures, and find a program that provides the services you need without paying for things you don’t.

A Review of Other Options

In many cases, companies stick with one provider because finding a better option is simply too labor-intensive. After auditing your business phone system costs, most experts prepare a report outlining how your current contract stacks up against the competition, saving you a lot of time on research.


For over 15 years, businesses throughout St. Louis and St. Charles, MO have relied on Clarus Communications to lower costs and give them a competitive edge. With their wide network of telecom partners and industry-leading expertise, their team will perform thorough audits of your expenses, ensuring you’re getting the most out of your money. Visit their website for more on how they can help optimize your business phone systems, follow their Twitter for more tips and advice, and call (314) 801-6700 to schedule an audit.

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