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3 Solutions to Common Eyeglasses Problems February 11, 2019

Spencerport, Monroe
3 Solutions to Common Eyeglasses Problems, Spencerport, New York

If your eyeglasses are constantly fogging up or sliding around your face, it can be annoying, not to mention a potential hazard. Thankfully, there are many solutions you can explore. Below you’ll find a few ways to get started with common problems.

Top Remedies to Eyeglasses Issues

1. Foggy Lenses

Foggy lenses are nuisances. Fog develops due to condensation, as water vapor in a heated environment cools to a liquid on your cold glasses when you step in from the chilly outdoors. Try an anti-fog coating, which your eye doctor can apply. Anti-fog wipes that put a hydrophilic solution over your lenses also temporarily prevent steam. You can also buy eyeglasses that come with anti-fog lenses. 

2. Slipping Down Your Nose

eyeglassesHaving to constantly push your glasses back up your nose can be annoying and distracting. To resolve the issue, keep your face clean, as sweat and oils on your nose cause your glasses to slide. You can also attach discreet ear-hooks to the frame or apply wax to the bridge. Headband straps also help. Have your eye doctor take a look as well to see if adjustments should be made to the fit.

3. Dirty Lenses

Lenses will gradually take on smudges and other dirt. If this is a constant problem and you’re tired of wiping them clean again and again, speak with your eye doctor about hydrophobic coating. This treatment naturally repels water, including sweat that may contain dirt and grease, and will keep dust and dirt particles from settling.


The team at Spencerport Optical in Monroe County, NY, has over 32 years of experience. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your eyeglasses or are overdue for an eye care exam, they’ll work closely with you to find a solution to your needs. They believe in building lasting relationships with patients. Learn about their practice by visiting them online. Call (585) 352-1960 today to schedule an eye exam.

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