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3 Signs of Power Steering Failure February 11, 2019

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3 Signs of Power Steering Failure, High Point, North Carolina

Power steering is essential for all modern vehicles—without it, you’d struggle to turn the wheel and direct your car on the road. When anything compromises it, the risk of an accident increases, so an auto inspection is necessary if your system is affected. Here are some indicators to watch out for as you drive.

3 Power Steering Warning Signs That Call for an Auto Inspection

1. Difficulty Turning the Wheel

If you find that it takes more effort than usual to make the wheel turn, this may mean the hydraulic system is failing. It could result from any number of causes, including loose belts and malfunctioning pumps, and it may be accompanied by vibrations in the steering wheel. With such a variety of potential causes, it’s difficult to diagnose the problem yourself, so play it safe and schedule an expert inspection.

2. Squealing Noises While Driving

If your car emits screeching or squealing noises when you drive slowly or move into a turn, there could be something wrong with your power steering system. The sound likely results from the belt slipping, which means there’s not enough tension and you could lose control on the road. Listen carefully for these noises, especially during the first minute after you start the engine, as that’s when it’s most likely to occur.

3. Low Power Fluid Levels

auto inspectionWary drivers should check their power steering fluid levels regularly. The fluid level shouldn’t go down drastically unless there’s a leak, so if you find that yours has—or if you notice splashes of red liquid on the ground underneath your parked car—you’ll need to have a car repair expert determine the source with an auto inspection.


If you’re seeking a team of professionals to help with car maintenance—from auto inspections to brake servicing—contact the experts at P & T Automotive Repair. For over 33 years, they’ve served residents of High Point, NC, and the surrounding areas with a commitment to quality and integrity backed up by their ASE® certification. To learn more today about their range of services, visit them online or call (336) 869-8051.

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