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P & T Automotive Repair

1025 West Market Center Dr.
High Point, NC 27260
(336) 869-8051
P & T Automotive Repair , Auto Repair, Services, High Point, North Carolina

When your car needs repairs, there’s only one place to be. Based in High Point, NC, P & T Automotive Repair has been serving the state since 1986. This family-owned and -operated auto service company has a coverage area that extends to Archdale and Thomasville.

As a full-service auto shop, P & T Automotive Repair offers a wide range of auto maintenance and repair services. The maintenance program begins with a thorough auto inspection, which will isolate and diagnose any parts of your car in need of attention. When it comes to auto repairs, the talented staff has the know-how to fix issues related to brakes, steering, engines, and many other components.

Whether your car is domestic or foreign, they’ll be able to find any replacement part you need. Additionally, if you’re in the market for a different car, P & T Automotive Repair has a strong selection of used cars for you to choose from.

As an ASE-certified company, you can expect them to deliver a superior repair job. With these savvy technicians, you’ll never have to go too long without your vehicle; the auto service company is known for its rapid turnaround times. The staff believes in full transparency, so you’ll always be informed of pricing information and clued in with a detailed explanation of whatever is ailing your vehicle.

The next time you need new muffler systems, a wheel alignment, or any number of auto services, head over to P & T Automotive Repair. Call (336) 869-8051 to make an appointment at your convenience and receive a free estimate. You can also send a message through the company’s website.

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