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5 Tips for Preventing Dry Skin February 12, 2019

Family Acres, Lincoln
5 Tips for Preventing Dry Skin, Lincoln, Nebraska

During the winter, humidity drops. In addition to causing sore throats and runny noses, the weather also contributes to dry, cracked skin. With that in mind, the guide below offers dermatologist-recommended tips for maintaining a beautiful, glowing complexion the whole season long.

How to Keep Your Skin From Drying Out

1. Shower With Warm Water

Showers that are too hot may scald skin, damaging it and causing it to dry out more. Instead, keep the temperature between 96.6 and 99 degrees Fahrenheit and avoid lingering too long.

2. Use a Humidifier

In addition to the problems outside, your home's heating system may be drying out the air, and your skin, even more. Therefore, consider investing in a humidifier and setting it to 60%.

3. Use Sunscreen

You should be using a sunscreen with SPF 30 or more every time you step outside. UV exposure is not only one of the leading causes of skin dryness and damage, but it also increases your risk of skin cancer. To stay safe, always keep a travel-sized bottle handy and speak with your dermatologist about preferred brands.

dermatologist4. Cut Down on Soaps

Soap is another deceptively common cause of dryness, especially those with scents. Instead, ask your dermatologist for recommendations for soap-free cleansers and moisturizers that don't contain alcohol.

5. Wash Clothes Carefully

Depending on how sensitive your skin is, laundry detergents may irritate it. So if you experience redness or itchiness as a result of your clothing, try switching brands or eliminating your fabric softener until you find the source.


If you’re dealing with constantly dry skin, turn to Dr. Mark D. Heibel of Heibel Dermatology in Lincoln, NE. With over 20 years of experience, this talented dermatologist and his staff offer basic checkups, acne treatments, and mole examinations. Learn about their other services on the website. Or call (402) 488-6969 to schedule an appointment today.

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