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Why Early Registration for Preschool Is Important February 7, 2019

Creve Coeur, St. Louis County
Why Early Registration for Preschool Is Important, Creve Coeur, Missouri

With work and personal commitments, registering your child for preschool several months before class starts might not be high on the list of priorities. Kids develop important cognitive, social, and language skills in preschool, which is why you shouldn’t wait to start the search for a high-quality program. To understand the importance of early registration, below are a few ways it will benefit your youngster.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Enroll Little Ones in Preschool

More Time to Evaluate Options

preschoolFor many kids, going to preschool is the first time they spend hours at a time away from their parents. Early registration will make the transition easier. As a parent, you’ll have more time to research options and find a school with goals and philosophies that are in line with your parenting style. Educators will also have more time to answer questions about activities, disciplinary procedures, and any other inquiries you might have. This way, you can talk to your child about what to expect and put first-day jitters aside.

Greater Class Availability 

Spots fill up quickly for top-notch academic development programs, which means the chance of your child getting into the best preschool decreases the longer you wait. By signing up early, you won’t have to settle for a second- or third-tier preschool. This ensures the quality of your youngster’s early childhood education won’t be compromised. 

Solid Foundation for Future Success

Where your child goes to preschool can influence the rest of their academic career. Registering them early ensures they will get into a reputable program. When educators review applications for kindergarten, they’ll have a better understanding of what academic and social skills your child possesses. 


If you are looking for a preschool in the Saint Louis, MO, area that will provide your child with the tools to succeed, contact the administrators at Lucky Lane Nursery School. Since 1951, the educators have been committed to providing area youngsters with activities and projects that boost their critical-thinking and socialization skills. To discuss enrollment options, call (314) 434-4462. A representative is happy to share advice on how to prepare your child for the new adventure. You can also visit the learning center online for details about the educational programs. Become a Facebook follower to see class photos and videos and read parent reviews. 

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