Creve Coeur, Missouri

Lucky Lane Nursery

Lucky Lane Nursery School is a independent, non profit preschool educating young minds from Creve Coeur and surrounding areas.

Lucky Lane Nursery

12546 Conway Road
Saint Louis, MO 63141
(314) 434-4462
Lucky Lane Nursery, Nursery School, Family and Kids, Saint Louis, Missouri

Lucky Lane Nursery School proudly serves parents and children throughout the greater St. Louis, MO, area. With over 65 years of experience shaping young minds, this nursery school has established a stellar reputation for their early childhood development and education programs. Best of all, Lucky Lane Nursery School provides a safe, fun, and enriching environment on their Creve Coeur campus that keeps children engaged and excited about learning.

The instructors and caretakers at Lucky Lane Nursery School are devoted to developing children’s minds through stimulating educational programs. The nurturing environment created within this school’s walls fosters a curiosity and independence in students. Children build self-confidence, learn to properly socialize with children their own age, and enjoy physical and mental stimulation that challenges them every day.

Lucky Lane Nursery School believes in offering early childhood development programs that explore a child’s creativity. From art time to dramatic play and physical activity, Lucky Lane Nursery School provides children with the perfect platform to prepare for a life filled with adventure, hobbies, and learning.

Most important, students will leave Lucky Lane Nursery School completely prepared for life in kindergarten. Each child will have a better understanding of how to behave in a classroom environment. Students also will have the opportunity to improve their motor skills and receive special instruction from teachers in fields like music, foreign languages, and library science.

If you live in the greater St. Louis area and are looking for the region’s premiere nursery schools, call Lucky Lane Nursery School at (314) 434-4462 or apply online. For additional information about their educational programs and commitment to early childhood development, visit their website

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