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3 Reasons to Take Your Clothes to a Tailor January 24, 2019

Midtown East, Manhattan
3 Reasons to Take Your Clothes to a Tailor, Manhattan, New York

Whether it’s your best suit or something as casual as a pair of jeans, taking your clothing to a tailor can make a big difference. Custom clothing alterations create an entirely different look than clothes off the rack, bringing a wide range of benefits to your looks, life, and career. Here’s why tailoring is a smart choice.

Why Have Your Clothes Tailored?

1. Make It Fit

TailorBodies come in all shapes and sizes, while mass-produced clothing often comes with generic measurements. A well-fitted piece, however, will need to fit your measurements exactly, not the stores. A tailor will ensure, for example, that your shirt has the right shoulder width, sleeve length, wrist size, shirt length, and width throughout the torso, as well as a collar that doesn’t choke you or gape open. 

2. Look Better

When your clothes fit poorly, they may look baggy or strained, puddle around your limbs, or create unattractive creases. You will often look shorter and heavier than you would after seeing a tailor. Properly-fitting clothing creates a neater, more professional appearance, so you’ll impress.

3. Feel Confident

When you know your clothing is flattering, you’ll feel better about yourself. A suit that fits perfectly could help you ace an interview. The difference in confidence can change everything from your smile and posture to your willingness to tackle difficult tasks. Every glance in the mirror and compliment will help improve your mood.


If you’re looking for a skilled Midtown tailor to alter your clothing, visit 6 Avenue Tailor in Manhattan, NY. Offering rush and same-day service as needed, they have over 20 years of experience in clothing alterations and work with all materials and styles, including denim, leather, and high-end garments. To arrange service, contact them at (212) 593-1925. To get 10% off your next alteration, visit them online.

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