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3 Steps You Should Take Before Filing for Divorce January 18, 2019

Platteville, Grant
3 Steps You Should Take Before Filing for Divorce, Platteville, Wisconsin

Whether you’ve been considering it for some time or decided on it suddenly, divorce is never easy. Before filing the necessary paperwork to end your marriage, there are some steps you and a lawyer should complete to simplify the process. Take these actions to streamline your divorce for clearer picture of what the future will look like.

3 Actions to Take Before Filing Divorce Paperwork

1. Get an Overview of Your Finances

Compile a list of all your assets and debts — this is step one to figuring out how these might be divided after divorce. Assets to consider include your home, car, financial accounts, and pension plans. Additionally, gather proof of income for you and your spouse. All of this information will come into play when deciding factors like the division of assets, alimony, and child support.

2. Manage Your Online Presence

lawyerLawyers increasingly see social media come into play in divorce cases. Even if you don’t anticipate a messy separation, prepare for the possibility of animosity. If disputes regarding spousal support or child custody arise, your social media can work against you. Too many photos of you out drinking can be used to argue you are an irresponsible parent. Additionally, pictures of luxury items can raise questions about hidden income or assets.

3. Think About Where You Will Live

You and your spouse will no longer share the family home. If there are children involved, be aware that the courts prefer to disrupt their lives as little as possible, so it makes sense to stay put if you want custody. If you prefer to move out, get a place within the same school district to improve your odds in child custody disputes.


Divorce is emotionally taxing, but having a competent lawyer by your side can alleviate the stress. For assistance in the Grant County, WI, area, trust the experienced team at Scott & Heenan LLC of Platteville. These attorneys have been in practice since 1999. With a compassionate attitude and thorough knowledge of local family law, they will guide you through the divorce process with confidence. Request a consultation with a lawyer using the online form or by calling (608) 348-9506. 

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