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When you need expert representation before the court, guarantee the best outcome for your trial by working with a qualified attorney who can give your case the care it deserves. From their offices in Platteville, WI, the dedicated legal team at Scott & Heenan LLC has proudly advocated for the rights of clients throughout the area for over 50 years. No matter what legal issue you’re facing, their attorneys offer extensive experience to provide knowledgeable counsel at every step of the legal process.

Their practice areas include the following:

  • Criminal Defense: Criminal charges can be intimidating, but an experienced criminal law attorney will be able to challenge evidence, gather witness testimonies, and negotiate terms with the court and prosecution.
  • Personal Injury: When an accident happens, someone else’s negligence can cause you pain, distress, and serious expenses. A personal injury lawsuit will help you receive compensation to cover lost income, fund necessary medical care, and restore other damages. The experienced personal injury attorneys at Scott & Heenan LLC will assess your case and help you strategize for the future.
  • Estate Planning: If you’re concerned about how your assets will be handled after your death, work with an attorney who can provide expertise when creating wills, designating an executor, and designing trusts.

When you need to ensure the best for your future, the experienced team at Scott & Heenan have the specialized knowledge you’ll need to build a defense and protect your rights in the court of law. To learn more about how they can advocate for you, visit them online or arrange a free consultation by contacting their Platteville office at (608) 348-9506.

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