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What’s the Difference Between a Hoagie and a Sub? January 17, 2019

Covington Central Business District, Covington
What’s the Difference Between a Hoagie and a Sub?, Covington, Kentucky

Whether you’re on a lunch break or having a picnic, there’s nothing better than biting into a thick roll stuffed with deli meat, cheese, and veggies. Depending on where you are in the country, you may call it a sub or a hoagie. While both define a similar type of sandwich, each name has its own unique origin story. 


“Sub" is the most widespread term. It refers to a wide range of sandwiches that use a roll. For instance, subs can be served with cold deli meat cuts such as turkey, roast beef, or ham. They can also be toasted or contain hot meats, such as meatballs, steak, or chicken parmesan. One of the key differences between a sub and a hoagie is that the roll is typically softer and cut all the way through. 


hoagieA “hoagie” is associated with Sicilian-American culture and derives from Philadelphia. However, the term is also most commonly used in the South Jersey region. It’s traced all the way back to the 1920s when a jazz musician opened up a sandwich shop and labeled these sandwiches as “hoggies,” suggesting that a person would have to be a hog to consume a sandwich that big. Hoagies often refer to a 12” or foot-long sandwich, although you can order a 6” hoagie. Unlike a sub, the hoagie is typically served in a harder roll, and it is not cut all the way through. Instead, the meats and toppings are packed into the cut in the bread. 


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