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4 Tips for Organizing a Beer Cave January 10, 2019

Campbellsville, Taylor
4 Tips for Organizing a Beer Cave, Campbellsville, Kentucky

Beer caves are commercial walk-in coolers used for storing wine, kegs, and other alcoholic beverages at convenience and grocery stores. Designed right, they invite customers to walk in and shop. Poorly organized beer caves deter shoppers, who might be unaware they’re allowed to go inside and add items to their cart. Use these ideas the next time you organize your store’s beer cave.

Ways to Encourage Shoppers to Visit a Beer Cave

1. Avoid Clutter

Don’t leave boxes of beer and other drinks on the floor of a beer cave. While your stack of the latest brew may look visually appealing, it may make it difficult for shoppers to walk around. Without clear walkways, it is more difficult to browse the selection or search for a specific drink they want.

2. Keep Doors Clean

Your products should always be visible to passersby, so keep the glass windows and doors of your walk-in clean. Avoid posting signs and marketing materials on the doors to allow shoppers to see in, and use glass cleaner to remove smudges and streaks daily. 

3. Let Your Products Draw Customers In

beer caveShoppers tend to be drawn to new and special edition products out of curiosity, so placing these front and center can be an attraction. Take notice of your regular customer’s buying habits, and put popular beverages in a central location, too. 

4. Place Older Beers on the Front of Shelves

You can minimize expired drinks by placing newer products behind older ones on the shelves. Whenever a new shipment comes in, check the “sell by” date on boxes and bottles, and place the items with the nearest date in front.


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