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3 Common Hardwood Flooring Mistakes January 16, 2019

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3 Common Hardwood Flooring Mistakes, Pittsford, New York

Hardwood flooring adds elegance and timeless appeal to any home. With proper care and maintenance, your wood floors will last you for years to come. To protect your investment, avoid making the following common mistakes when cleaning your hardwood floors.

3 Hardwood Floor Mistakes to Avoid

1. Using the Wrong Cleaning Product

Most common household cleaning solutions contain harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia, which can cause permanent damage and discoloration on your floors. You should also be careful with liquid cleaners, as the moisture can cause the wood to swell and warp. Remove dust with a dry microfiber cloth regularly. For deeper cleans, use water and a thoroughly wrung-out mop. If your floors are especially grimy, consult your flooring manufacturer to determine which cleaning products are safe to use.

2. Dragging Your Furniture

hardwood flooringDragging furniture across a room can scratch and damage your hardwood flooring. If you need to move your furnishings, purchase slider pads with rubber or felt surfaces that will allow you to slide the pieces around without scuffing up the floors. Another option is to find someone who can help you lift and carry the furniture. 

3. Neglecting Spills

Clean up spills right after they occur. Waiting too long will cause the liquid to seep into the wood, resulting in permanent stains and warping. Use a dry towel to absorb the liquid. If the spill leaves a residue, wipe the area with a second damp towel. Next, pat the area down with a dry towel and buff the wood.


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