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Could Dental Issues Be Causing Your Frequent Headaches? December 29, 2018

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Could Dental Issues Be Causing Your Frequent Headaches?, Anchorage, Alaska

Any time someone experiences regular headaches, it’s worth getting a professional opinion to determine the underlying cause. A headache could point to a dental health issue. To discover whether your headaches warrant a trip to the emergency dentist’s office, discover the link between the symptom and dental conditions below.

A Guide to Headaches & Dental Issues

What Causes Dental-Related Headaches?

There are a number of dental conditions which can spur headaches. Grinding and clenching your teeth at night, also known as bruxism, can create tension in the face muscles, causing pain in the head. Because this behavior can also erode enamel, it’s important to find a way to stop it, such as a protective retainer. The development of wisdom teeth may also crowd other teeth and cause headaches.

Additionally, certain conditions of the jaw could be to blame. Jaw misalignment can put added strain on the facial muscles, leading to referred pain. Orthodontics can correct misalignments in some cases, but surgery may be needed in certain circumstances. Temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ, is another jaw-related condition that can result in headaches. This inflammatory condition can lead to a swollen joint, which can be alleviated by a custom retainer or surgical intervention.

Could My Headache Indicate a Dental Emergency?

emergency dentistIn rare cases, a serious dental infection called an abscess could spread and potentially cause a headache. Abscesses develop when pus forms inside the teeth and gums, often caused by an untreated cavity or injury. These are serious infections that should be treated promptly by an emergency dentist. Yet, headaches typically won’t be the first symptom you notice. In most cases, symptoms such as fever, foul breath, severe pain, and swelling of the affected area also manifest with an abscess. Any time you notice these occurring simultaneously, be sure to contact an emergency dentist immediately.


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