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Family First Dentistry in Anchorage, Alaska, takes family dentistry to the next level. As the area’s leading dental service provider, they focus on ensuring every patient who enters their practice is comfortable, perfectly cared for, and confident that they are receiving top-notch care. That commitment starts with staffing who are experienced dental professionals and investing in the latest technology. To save patients precious time, they even offer same-day crowns. Using the CAD/CAM restoration system, the friendly dental team at Family First Dentistry can create a stunning, perfectly fitting porcelain crown in a day’s time.

Beyond staffing great dentists and dental hygienists, Family First Dentistry cares about offering patients convenience. There are a million excuses to put off your much-needed teeth cleanings and oral health appointments, so the team at Family First Dentistry ensures your experience is seamless, fast and easy. They are flexible with appointments and welcome walk-ins or emergency dental needs. Their dental practice is handicap accessible and offers free parking. Plus, if you are in a financial bind, Family First Dentistry is happy to work with you on a flexible financial plan that makes sense for your bank account and your oral health needs.

If you live in the Anchorage, Alaska, area and you’re looking for a dental care provider that goes above and beyond for every patient, call Family First Dentistry today at (907) 562-2820 to schedule your next appointment. Whether you need an emergency dentist or a cosmetic dentistry expert who can help with your dental implants and crowns, you’ll be in excellent hands. Find out more about their commitment to patient happiness on their comprehensive website

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Root canal therapy is a procedure in which a dentist removes the infected or inflamed pulp of a tooth. Though root canal therapy is a common treatment, it’s often misunderstood more
There are many reasons why your child might complain of a toothache. Getting to the bottom of the issue is essential since it can be a sign of serious oral health problems. Learn more
As you age, your risk for certain dental conditions increases. To avoid needing extensive treatments from a dentist, learn more about common dental concerns in more
What you eat and drink can affect your tooth color. Enamel absorbs staining foods and beverages, resulting in discoloration without the right teeth cleaning practices. Learn about more
Commonly found between the two front upper teeth, gaps can be an endearing quality of your smile. But this issue, formally known as diastema, can sometimes harm your oral health. more
During the hectic holiday season, you may not think about visiting the dentist. However, as 2019 comes to an end, it’s time to use up your remaining dental insurance benefits. more
When you're on the go, routine tasks like teeth cleaning can get put on the back burner. To prevent dental problems for your family over vacation this holiday season, account more
While malocclusion, also referred to as crooked teeth, can be an inherited trait, teeth can also become misaligned because of certain habits, especially in kids. Learn about more
Invisalign® clear aligners have become one of the most popular ways to straighten misaligned teeth. These innovative orthodontic appliances can be just as effective as more
With hectic end-of-the-year schedules, dental care is often overlooked. However, you can make the end of this year the best one yet by taking a little bit of time for self-care. more
A dental implant is the most durable solution for a missing tooth. It does require a surgical operation, so you’ll need to follow these aftercare guidelines to more
Dental crowns are commonly used to restore damaged teeth. The prosthetic is cemented on top of the affected tooth to match its original look and feel. If you need more
While a chipped tooth is usually an issue that a dentist can easily resolve, it can be painful and inconvenient. Luckily, it’s easy to prevent chipped teeth from more
Gaining a straight smile often begins with braces. Plus, orthodontic care can not only resolve existing oral health issues but also prevent future ones. If you think more
Apart from costumes and scary movie marathons, candy always takes the spotlight during Halloween. But these sweet treats can wreak havoc on your smile by contributing to tooth more
If you’re thinking about getting braces or aligners but the total treatment time is stopping you, AcceleDent® Optima™ could be the answer. This innovative orthodontic more
Dental crowns are used to stabilize teeth and create a more pleasing appearance. While crowns are made sturdy to protect teeth for many years, they will need to be replaced at more
Everyone knows flossing every day is beneficial for oral health. However, the task can be cumbersome, which is why many people neglect it. Fortunately, dentists can more
If you’ve had tooth extractions or lost teeth to trauma, filling in the gaps left behind prevents dental shifting and restores function and appearance. Dental implants and dentures more
A dental implant is an attractive restoration option for patients with one or more missing teeth. It consists of a titanium base upon which a natural-looking prosthetic is more
After investing in teeth whitening treatments, you want to maintain the results for as long as possible. Following these do’s and don’ts will help keep your teeth white more
Limited mobility because of a medical condition or aging can make simple tasks like brushing your teeth more difficult. To help you effectively take care of oral hygiene, more
If you’ve thought about pursuing a straighter, more uniform smile but are opposed to the idea of traditional braces, explore Invisalign®. This innovative alternative to metal braces more
The reason your dentist wants you to practice good teeth cleaning habits is to prevent cavities, which occur when the bacteria in your mouth produce enough acid to eat a small more
Dentures will restore your smile and ensure a smooth and comfortable bite. Proper care and upkeep are essential to get the most out of your dentures and keep your mouth more
You know that comprehensive oral health includes visiting your dentist for exams and teeth cleanings. Yet, when it comes to maintaining a healthy smile, patients should consider how more
If the idea of getting into the dentist’s chair makes you nervous, you’re not alone. A fear or anxiety about dental health procedures is incredibly common. That’s where sedation more
If the thought of undergoing even a simple teeth cleaning makes you nervous, you may be a good candidate for sedation dentistry. By using certain kinds of medication, dentists can more
Pregnancy has a profound impact on the entire body, including the mouth. A number of oral health issues can arise during pregnancy. Luckily, most are easy to address. With proper more
As many as 92% of American adults have at least one cavity in their lifetime. Just because cavities are common, however, doesn’t mean they’re harmless; if left untreated, they& more
As a first-time parent, you’ve likely learned something new every day caring for your baby. Your responsibilities will only increase when they start teething at around six months of more
Good dental hygiene must begin early in childhood. Accordingly, it’s up to parents to ensure their children understand proper dental care as soon as possible. This entails many more
Braces can correct your teen’s smile and help them feel more confident later in life. However, as they head to school or extracurricular activities, they might feel more
When you're in an office setting for most of the day, regular teeth cleaning and care can fall by the wayside. To help make up for these challenges, it's important to take conscious more
Braces help align the teeth and create a more uniform smile. But because this oral appliance needs to be in such close proximity to the teeth, additional care and upkeep more
Many individuals looking for a discreet way to straighten their smile opt for Invisalign®. Instead of traditional braces, which rely on metal wires and permanent brackets that more
Like many other conditions, diabetes has a direct impact on your oral health. It makes patients more susceptible to gum disease and its side effects, which is why diligent care and more
Tooth sensitivity is an uncomfortable — but not uncommon — condition many people experience. This severe sensation often occurs when dentin and tooth roots are exposed to more
Missing teeth can cause many issues with your smile, from shifting teeth to jaw problems. If your dentist is recommending dentures as the next step in your oral health care more
While you probably know that smoking is detrimental to the heart and lungs, you might not be aware that it can also damage a person's oral health. The habit can stain more
Tooth sensitivity is a condition that results in discomfort when your teeth are exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Whether your sensitivity is triggered by steaming more
Your wedding day will be one of the happiest of your life. It will also be one of the most photographed. That means taking care of your teeth should be part of wedding more
Invisalign® is one of the most popular orthodontic solutions for straightening teeth. It requires more maintenance and dedication than traditional braces, however. To get the most more
Dentists recommend flossing as a way to remove even more plaque and bacteria from your smile. Unfortunately, simple mistakes during this practice can interfere with effective teeth more
When you’ve finished wearing braces, you’ll likely need to use a retainer to keep your teeth straight. These orthodontic devices are positioned in the mouth to hold teeth in place more
Even if you practice strong oral care habits at home and go for regular teeth cleanings, it’s still possible to develop dental issues. Some, such as an infected pulp, demand prompt more
Regular teeth cleaning is one of the most important steps to maintain excellent oral health. When you get dentures, your oral hygiene routine will change slightly, but teeth more
The wisdom teeth or third molars can cause pain and negatively impact the integrity of the surrounding teeth. In cases like this, wisdom teeth removal may be more
Veneers are thin porcelain shells that are bonded to the front of the teeth in order to brighten, straighten, or correct your smile. Unlike dental implants, they do not replace an more
Your gums and teeth are more sensitive than you may think. A number of issues, such as gum disease and infections, can cause irreparable damage. When this occurs, tooth extractions more
Smoking can have a detrimental impact on your health, and this includes your dental wellness. If you frequently smoke cigarettes, you might be putting yourself at risk for a host of more
A dental crown, sometimes called a cap, is a procedure that covers a tooth to restore its strength, shape, and size. Same-day crowns are available, or the dentist may perform more
A morning cup of coffee can jumpstart your day and be a comforting ritual. However, it can also stain your teeth. To avoid a yellow smile over time, there are a few steps you should more
Half of the United States population experiences mild to severe periodontal disease. In adults older than 65, that number jumps to prevalence rates as high as 70.1%. If left more
For just three letters, TMJ can cause immense agony. Short for temporomandibular joint dysfunction, TMJ is a set of temperamental and unpredictable disorders caused by the more
Wearing braces is an incredibly effective way to achieve a beautiful, straight smile. That being said, your oral hygiene routine will need to be updated while wearing them to more
Any time someone experiences regular headaches, it’s worth getting a professional opinion to determine the underlying cause. A headache could point to a dental health issue. To more
Wisdom teeth removal has almost become a rite of passage, a fairly standard preventative dental treatment that roughly 5 million people undergo each year. But as with any type more
You can brush and floss every day, but if you’re not eating a healthy diet, you’ll undo any progress. Foods play a significant role in your oral health, which is why it’s more
Dental anxiety and phobias are common across the United States for people of all ages. Many patients get nervous about visiting the dentist and receiving treatment, which can more
Dental phobias are extremely common and one of the main reasons people avoid dental care checkups. Visiting the dentist for a teeth cleaning is an essential part of oral hygiene, more
Are you unhappy with your smile? If so, having a dentist perform a teeth whitening treatment could help brighten your smile and improve your self-confidence. If you’re curious more
Emphasizing the importance of oral health sets the foundation for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. This way, children will avoid issues like tooth decay, more
Many people put off getting a root canal out of fear of pain or discomfort. However, it is a common procedure, and delaying can increase your level of discomfort and call for more
If your tooth is cracked or needs extensive fillings, an emergency dentist may recommend a porcelain crown to protect it. The solution is durable but can still be damaged if you more
Today’s braces are a far cry from the options available yesteryear, with modern dental understanding and technologies surpassing antiquated options like metal ones and headgear. more
Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure for many young adults. Even if your teeth are not giving you trouble at the moment, most dentists recommend taking them out to more
A bright smile can instantly boost your confidence and make a great first impression. Teeth are susceptible to staining, however, and will darken over time. This is why the team at more
Dental health is a lifelong commitment. In addition to seeing a dentist every six months for teeth cleanings and checkups, there are plenty of steps you can take at home to improve more
The cost of restorative dental options varies widely based on factors such as the number of teeth being replaced. While dental implants are almost always more expensive than their more
Wisdom teeth removal is recommended for most young adults, as it could decrease the risk of developing dental complications down the road. When scheduling the procedure, you may more
Braces help adolescents avoid many dental complications, from correcting bite problems to straightening crooked teeth. However, the metal brackets used in this treatment are more
Dental veneers are among the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments along with dental implants and same day crowns. They provide restorative as well as aesthetic benefits for more
In the past, if you needed a crown to cover and protect a tooth, you would have to make several trips to the dentist to have it created and placed. Today, same day crowns cut down more
Dental anxiety is common, but it’s important not to let any fears stop you from going for teeth cleanings and exams. Visiting the dentist regularly ensures potential issues don’t more
Dental anxiety can be problematic for your oral health if it prevents you from showing up for routine teeth cleanings. At Family First Dentistry, the compassionate team in more
It’s important to know what issues might require help from an emergency dentist, as putting off a serious problem can lead to extensive oral damage and impact your general health. more
Gingivitis and gum disease, or periodontitis, are oral health terms many people have heard but know little about. The staff at Family First Dentistry in Anchorage, AK, more
Patients have options when it comes to finding the best dental care office to meet their needs. For many families, visiting a practice specializing in family care is the most more
Nearly half of all children ages six to 11 years old has a dental cavity. Adolescents tend to be more likely to incur cavities because they consume so many sugary treats and often& more
When a child loses a tooth, you may worry that it will affect how the permanent one grows in. Fortunately, parents can educate themselves on the topic and reinforce good oral more
Bad breath, also called halitosis, can impact almost every part of your life, including your self-confidence. Fortunately, dentists are trained to spot and resolve a variety of oral more
For many adults, even the thought of a dentist appointment induces anxiety. And unfortunately, many people react to this fear by avoiding seeing an oral health care professional more
Receding gums cause numerous dental problems, from opening up pockets that collect bacteria to accelerating the development of cavities. The condition has several causes more
If you’d like a brighter, more beautiful smile, a teeth whitening treatment is an excellent way to obtain one. For the best results, invest in professional work, rather more
Regular dental visits, brushing, and flossing are all good habits that ensure you maintain a healthy smile. However, even those who are diligent about caring for their teeth more
It’s normal to feel a sharp sting of sensitivity in your teeth if you’re eating ice cream. However, some people deal with the condition regularly. The issue usually occurs when& more
After a regular check-up or an emergency dentist visit, you may discover you have a cavity. As a solution, dentists often provide one of two filling options: composite (white) and more
In small amounts, certain alcoholic beverages, like red wine, can have health benefits. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), moderate to heavy drinkers are those who more
Though many are aware that children with crooked teeth benefit by getting braces, the treatment is advantageous to people of all ages. If alignment issues are left unaddressed, more
Dental care begins with the eruption of a child’s first baby tooth. To ensure strong teeth and healthy gums throughout one’s life, it’s important to address changing dental needs at more
A temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ, refers to a condition that affects the joints and muscles connecting the jaw. The dental care team at Family First Dentistry in more
Adjusting your teeth positioning through orthodontic care will help you achieve a perfect smile, and there are many options to choose from depending on your needs and more
Gum recession is an issue that few people notice before their dentist points it out to them at a biannual teeth cleaning appointment. Sometimes the gums recede more
When you have an infected or damaged tooth, you may need to find an emergency dentist to perform an immediate tooth extraction. Once this procedure is completed, it’s important more
The dentist’s job is to help you preserve a healthy smile. If they recommend a tooth extraction, it’s for a good reason. Failure to remove damaged teeth can lead to serious problems, more
Along with providing essential services like teeth cleanings, your dental team can also provide information on how your general health impacts oral health. For instance, did you more
Although they’re commonly thought of as being problematic, for some people, wisdom teeth don’t cause any issues. For others, however, they result in pain, swelling, and a host of more
Whether you have a broken tooth, need a large filling, or have had a root canal, the exposed tooth interior needs to be covered with a crown to protect it and restore function. One more
You’ve been told all your life how important it is to schedule teeth cleanings every six months. However, what you may not realize is that seeing your dentist on a regular basis isn’ more
During your next teeth cleaning, take the opportunity to ask the dentist which products you should buy to keep your smile in great shape. In particular, find out which toothpaste is more
Do you or a loved one you know live with diabetes? If so, there is a strong correlation between this disease and your dental health you might not know about. Far beyond general more
Nutrition is highly important when pregnant, and it can even impact the eventual development of your child’s teeth. For this reason, Family First Dentistry recommends taking a smart more
As your child is growing, you may have different concerns about their developing teeth. While it’s important to schedule regular exams and teeth cleanings for them, parents may be more
Whether you chip a tooth or need a root canal, dental crowns are one of the best ways to restore the look and strength of your smile. However, the long process of making these more
When it comes to the health and appearance of your teeth, details matter, which is why Family First Dentistry in Anchorage, AK focuses on an uncompromising more
Whether due to injury, decay, or overcrowding, sometimes a dentist must extract hazardous teeth from the mouth. When it happens, the dentist will need to perform either a simple or more
With the holiday season comes a plethora of parties and get-togethers. This year, impress your friends, co-workers, and family members by showing off a bright and healthy smile. more
Unfortunately, there are some people who have a fear of the dentist. Bad experiences growing up, serious gag reflexes, or other issues resulting in avoiding the dentist’s chair more
If you found out you or your child needs braces, you may have immediately pictured a smile full of metal — which might not be ideal for adults or teens. Fortunately, with modern more
Health insurance is a must for everyone, and it’s a common misconception that it only applies to physician and medical specialist visits. The staff at Family First Dentistry in more
The holidays are a busy time of year for everyone, and if you want to protect your smile — and your finances — you should add a dentist appointment to your schedule. Noting more
While the words “wisdom teeth removal” can conjure feelings of stress and anxiety, it’s actually a common dental procedure that is more like a rite of passage for most more
If you feel pressure behind your back molars, it might be your wisdom teeth trying to poke through the surface of your gums. Considered vestigial by today’s medical standards, more
Dental implants have proven to be the most effective solution for missing or damaged teeth. However, many patients don’t know too much about them, which is why the staff at First more
If you're nervous about an upcoming dental procedure, you don't need to be. Instead of worrying, ask your dentist about sedation dentistry. Those who offer this branch of more
If you have a weak tooth or you’re unsatisfied with your smile, a dental crown may be the solution you’re looking for. But if you’re new to the concept, there are a few details you more
Wisdom teeth removal is very common, as these molars in the back of your mouth tend to cause problems even before they erupt. The staff at Family First Dentistry specializes in more
When you need to have extensive dental work done, your dentist will usually recommend a few options that will make you more comfortable during the procedure, such as sedation more
While it can be a challenge for parents to ensure their children are following a proper oral hygiene regimen, it is a practice that must not be overlooked. Poor dental care at an more
Dealing with the pain of a broken or decayed tooth is never fun. When you need a crown, you want to get it taken care of by a dentist right away. Usually, at least two appointments more
Most children — and even many adults — wear braces to beautify their smiles. Braces function by using pressure in certain places to properly align your teeth. Family First Dentistry& more
The times when kids with braces earned the nickname “metal mouth” are well in the past. These days, incognito braces allow you to align your teeth discretely — nobody even has to more
An impacted wisdom tooth can be troublesome for both adults and teens. Although you might be dreading the thought of undergoing surgery, it's best to plan ahead instead of putting more
If your teeth are crooked but traditional orthodontic techniques don’t appeal to you, incognito braces are an ideal option. From their hidden placement to their fully customizable more
When it comes to teeth whitening, today’s consumers have a slew of attractive options. While you might be tempted to pick up a whitening kit from the drugstore, a professional more
Whether you're preparing for extensive dental treatment or simply coping with dental anxiety, sedation dentistry is the key to keeping you comfortable and pain-free during your more
If your kids have crooked teeth, now is the perfect time for them to get braces. Not only does summer break give you more time for appointments, but getting your child's orthodontic more
Invisalign® and incognito braces are two of the most popular methods for straightening teeth, and both are fairly discreet; however, their similarities essentially end there. If more
One of the most important advancements in the field of dental care has been the development of sedation dentistry techniques. Through the careful, targeted use of medications, more
Knowing when it’s time to contact an emergency dentist is largely based on your pain tolerance. Some dental problems are easier to diagnose than others—especially when more
What do you know about root canals? According to one of Anchorage, AK’s most trusted family and emergency dentists, a root canal procedure treats an infection of the nerve and more
Not only does the end of the school year mean long hours of sun and fun — it’s also the perfect time to focus on your family’s dental hygiene. You may notice some lifestyle changes more
For some, a dentist appointment is no big deal. For others, it means anxiety and considerable apprehension. If you identify with the latter group, explore sedation dentistry to more
A regularly scheduled teeth cleaning appointment can help keep your child's mouth clean and healthy. If your young one has a phobia of the dentist, however, a simple trip to the more
It might sound far-fetched, but visiting your dentist regularly can actually change your life. Scheduling a teeth cleaning appointment every six months will help you more
When most people put together their grocery lists, they often forget to add one important item — mouthwash. Instead, they opt to purchase only toothpaste and dental floss. However, more
The first thing a person often notices about someone is their smile, and a set of dazzling white teeth is always an instant attention grabber. The experts at Family First Dentistry more
Did you know your family dentist does more than just clean teeth and fill cavities? Dental emergencies, like all medical emergencies, are painful and urgent in nature. more
Regular teeth cleaning appointments are pivotal in ensuring the best possible health for teeth and gums. Not only are plaque and tartar removed during cleaning visits, x-rays are more
Spring is here, and it’s not just a perfect time for cleaning your home — it’s also a great time for scheduling your first teeth cleaning of the year. According to the dentists at more
Most people would agree that straight teeth make for a great smile. But when people need to straighten their teeth, traditional braces may not be the right fit for some. Fortunately, more
Your dental health influences your overall health and well-being, and scheduling an oral cancer screening is a preventative way to keep you healthy. Family First Dentistry in more
At one point or another, everyone dreams of the excitement of a jet setter’s lifestyle. Unfortunately, reality often gets in the way of flying away to a far-off locale. But thanks more
When it comes to braces, you might think primarily about the aesthetic benefits. While it’s true they have the advantage of giving the wearer a straight and even smile, there are more
Fear of the dentist and dental procedures is a common phobia. Up to 15% of all American adults avoid seeing their dentist due to fears and anxiety. However, avoiding the dentist can more
Are stains and yellowing of your teeth affecting your smile? Coffee, food, medications, and smoking can discolor teeth over time and leave them looking dull and yellow. Often, more
Every time you see a magazine ad or television commercial, it seems like everyone is flashing those pearly whites. If you are dealing with a cracked, damaged, or weak tooth, more
All kids at Family First Dentistry who are cavity-free at their routine check-up are entered into a drawing. At the end of the month, one lucky person is drawn from the group and more
Regular teeth cleaning appointments are pivotal in ensuring the best possible health for your teeth and gums. Not only are plaque and tartar removed during these visits, but more
Today our wonderful front desk coordinator Marshala  is celebrating her 20th birthday!!! read more
If they’re not addressed in time, pediatric dental emergencies can result in lifelong damage to your child’s jawbone and oral health. That’s why the compassionate dentists at more
Nothing brightens your day like your child’s smile, and encouraging good oral hygiene at an early age is one of the most important things you can do to help them maintain that more
Everyone knows smoking is bad for their lungs, but did you know that tobacco use also puts you at much greater risk of developing oral cancer? Oral cancer, or mouth cancer, is when more
Remember how easy it was when you had someone scheduling your dentist appointments for you? You never had to think twice about how often you should be going! But as an adult, do you more
Approximately 49,750 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer each year, resulting in over 9,750 deaths. At Family First Dentistry in Anchorage, AK, their trusted dentists more
Your dental health has a direct effect on your overall health, and it’s never too early — or too late — to start practicing good oral hygiene habits. If you brush every day but can’ more
According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, approximately 92% of adults between the ages of 20 and 64 have at least one cavity. Cavities are holes in more
When a true dental emergency strikes, it’s good to know how to best handle the situation. Avoid the initial reaction of panic by following some practical steps before& more
A few hundred years ago, getting your wisdom teeth in may have meant a second lease on chewing properly after living without a molar or two. However, fast-forward to today’s world, more
Family First Dentistry of Anchorage is the best source for general and family dentistry in the area. Whether you need a checkup, teeth whitening, or a more serious procedure, more
The holiday season is a time for fun and celebration, and sharing a beer with your favorite cousins or sipping on spiked apple cider with friends is part of the experience. But this more
The holiday season is a great opportunity to enjoy family, free time, and good food, but it is also notorious for derailing healthy eating habits. While there’s no harm in treating more
In the interests of keeping their patients comfortable and stress-free, Family First Dentistry in Anchorage, AK, is proud to offer sedation dentistry to those who need it. While it more
Do your gums bleed? Are they red, sore, or swollen? If so, you could be suffering from periodontal disease, explain the dentists at Family First Dentistry in Anchorage, AK. more
Once upon a time, getting braces meant having silver metal blocks stuck to the front of your teeth for years at a time. However, thanks to many innovations in the field of dentistry, more
Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without candy. Luckily, there are steps you can take to protect your family’s teeth without having to avoid sugar altogether. Even a dentist more
A great smile is irreplaceable, and regular teeth cleanings are essential to keeping your pearly whites healthy and sparkling. The dental experts at Family First Dentistry& more
If you’re in need of quality orthodontic treatment in the Anchorage, AK, area, make sure to schedule an appointment with a dentist at Family First Dentistry. Staffed by the best more
Wisdom teeth removal is a process that some speak about in hushed tones, but dentists work hard to make the procedure and recovery period as comfortable as possible. With that said, more
Although wisdom teeth removal can be a surprisingly comfortable and easy procedure, after the work is done, you’ll generally be advised to avoid certain foods for a few days. At more
Getting your braces taken off is an exciting event, but seeing yellowed teeth may dampen your spirits. While teeth whitening options are available, it’s best for newly more
Modern dental techniques like teeth whitening and dental implants allow patients to create the healthy, beautiful smiles of their dreams. Family First Dentistry specializes in more
It’s back-to-school time once again, and your family is about to get a whole lot busier. In between the blur of books and backpacks, don’t forget to visit the dentist! Biannual more
Braces are excellent dental tools for straightening crooked teeth or improving a misaligned bite. However, traditional metal braces are not always the right choice for adults in the more
For individuals who get anxiety or stress at the thought of visiting the dentist, sedation dentistry can be a good option. Sedation dentistry helps patients to relax during their more
There is no denying the many benefits YouTube, Pinterest, and other DIY sites offer for baking, doing makeup, and learning to craft decorations for your home. These places are not, more
The caring team at Family First Dentistry in Anchorage, Alaska, knows that emergencies happen. When you need immediate assistance from a dentist, call Family First Dentistry, more
Everyone needs a good dentist, and this is particularly true if you have diabetes. Diabetes ups your risk for a wide range of oral health problems, making dental hygiene more
Scheduling routine visits with your dentist is extremely important to your oral health. That’s why the family dentistry professionals at Family First Dentistry in Anchorage, Alaska, more
Family First Dentistry is proud to offer Anchorage residents all the services they need to keep their teeth both healthy and beautiful, and that includes more
Many people are frightened of going to the dentist, especially when there’s more than just a simple checkup involved. However, modern family dentistry has come a long way in more
Many people experience dental problems such as poorly spaced teeth, TMJ, or misaligned bites that can be corrected with orthodontics. Family First Dentistry in Anchorage, more
If you’ve been experiencing sudden discomfort when you eat or drink, you may be experiencing dentin hypersensitivity, more commonly known as tooth sensitivity. But what causes more
Fear of the dentist is something many people deal with. Whether it stems from a traumatic experience in the dentist’s chair or something else, overcoming this fear is essential more
Some of you may remember Jessica, a former employee at FFD. She still roams the halls looking for a cleaning every 6 months & wants to show us some love! Which of our awesome more
Do you suffer from the mouth pain associated with chronic teeth grinding? Family First Dentistry is here to help you protect your teeth and jaws. Proudly serving patients in more
Are you suffering from tooth loss? Would you like to get your teeth replaced? Talk to your dentist at Family First Dentistry to see if you could be a candidate for dental more
At some point in their lives, many people have at least some degree of an overbite. If you have a large overbite, though, it may need to be professionally corrected. Left untreated, more
Cosmetic dentistry is any dental treatment or procedure that aims to improve the appearance of your teeth. Family First Dentistry of Anchorage, Alaska, offers patients a full more
As people age, plaque and bacteria gradually wear down their teeth and gums. When your dentist can no longer repair your teeth, they will likely recommend that you consider getting more
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a flawless smile? Today’s dental veneers can give you immaculate, natural-looking teeth that will help you feel confident about more
As one of the most feared dental procedures, root canals have a bad reputation. However, it's not exactly deserved: Contrary to popular belief, they're an effective, relatively more
The staff at Family First Dentistry in Anchorage, AK, makes patient comfort a priority. If you’ve ever gone to a dentist who seemed more concerned about moving on to the next more
Have you been considering wisdom teeth removal? Family First Dentistry of Anchorage, AK, knows how much trouble impacted teeth can cause. Not only are they painful, but they more
To get orthodontics or not to get orthodontics? It’s an age-old dilemma that leaves many feeling like they have no truly good options. On the one hand, self-confidence suffers when more
When it comes to wisdom teeth, patients often have a lot of questions about extraction. Family First Dentistry in Anchorage, AK, takes the guesswork out of wisdom teeth removal more
People who experience frequent migraines, sleep interruptions, or lethargy may be affected by the mysterious condition known as TMJ. TMJ, the acronym for temporomandibular more
Whether you need dental implants, a teeth whitening procedure, or orthodontic services, you want to be welcomed by the friendly, experienced staff that you know will take care of more
Since its inception, the general and family dentistry professionals at Family First Dentistry of Anchorage have been committed to continuously setting themselves apart from any more
When it comes to good oral health, you want only the best for yourself and your family. That’s why many people in Anchorage look to Family First Dentistry for a variety of more
Anchorage, Alaska, families have come to depend on Family First Dentistry for all their oral health needs. As a comprehensive family dentistry practice, they offer a wide more
With such busy lives, it can be difficult for many of us to find time for doctor appointments, especially ones with the dentist. It’s easy to think that brushing and occasionally more
Many of our patients have inquired about root canals. Check out this video with Dr. Newell answering questions you may have. If you want more information, call us today! more
As 2015 comes to a close, it’s time to start thinking ahead to the New Year. Family First Dentistry, located in Anchorage, AK, wants to help you make a New Year’s resolution more
Most dental insurances don't roll over with the calendar year, so take advantage of your access to health by making your appointment before it’s too late! It can be difficult to more