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When Should You Replace Your Tires? December 28, 2018

Anchorage, Anchorage County
When Should You Replace Your Tires?, Anchorage, Alaska

Tire patches and repairs are often very effective, completely sealing small punctures. However, some damages can’t be repaired and could cause you to lose control of your vehicle. Below are a few signs it's time for a replacement, rather than risk an accident.

4 Indications You Need New Tires

1. Punctures in the Sidewall

Small puncture wounds in the tread of the tire are often fixable, even when they pierce all the way through the rubber. However, the sidewalls are not nearly as thick or durable as the tread, with thinner, more flexible rubber that won’t hold a patch.

2. Sidewall Bubbles

tiresThe flexible rubber in the sidewall is also more susceptible to damage from hitting curbs or deep potholes. A bubble forming on the sidewall is usually a sign that the internal layers have separated from the shell, weakening the tire and putting you at risk of a blowout.

3. Uneven Wear

Poor alignment, a worn-out suspension, or waiting too long between tire rotations can all lead to uneven wear on the tires. In addition to replacing them, you should also have a professional examine your vehicle to identify and correct the cause of the original imbalance.

4. Age

Additionally, if you stick a penny into the tread, head first, and can still make out the entire image of Lincoln, the rubber has become too thin. Likely, this is just due to age, as tires should not be pushed to travel more than 50,000 miles.


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