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Whether you want to trade in your old junk vehicle for cash or are looking for a quality auto parts provider, you’re sure to be impressed with the professionals at Northwest Auto Parts in Anchorage, AK. As one of the area’s leading salvage yards, they’re committed to offering the best prices for all of their salvaged vehicles, as well as maintaining an extensive inventory of today’s most sought-after used car parts. If you’re searching for a reputable salvage yard with a rich history of providing outstanding customer service, Northwest Auto Parts is your best option.

Since 1981, the professionals at Northwest Auto Parts have been helping residents of Anchorage County and the surrounding areas find solutions to all of their auto needs. They know that part of building a successful business is having a strong sense of ethics, which is why they’re committed to offering the best used auto parts and services at the lowest possible prices. As a member of the Anchorage community, Northwest Auto Parts also takes environmental concerns extremely seriously and have obtained the highest possible rating from United Recycling Group. In fact, for every vehicle that comes through their salvage yard, they’re able to recycle 99% of its components. Supporting the local community is also a big part of Northwest Auto Parts’ mission, and they’re proud to sponsor a broad range of local sports teams and enterprises.

Northwest Auto Parts is proud to boast one of the most extensive used car part inventories in the state of Alaska, with more than 60,000 quality auto parts to choose from. Because stocking only the best used parts is of utmost importance to them, all of their used car parts are housed in a state-of-the-art storage facility and comes with a 101-day, money-back guarantee. When you purchase any car part from Northwest Auto Parts, you’ll also receive free delivery to your home or repair shop. For those who want to sell their vehicle for scrap, Northwest Auto makes it easy with their online salvage bid system. If you’re unsure of whether the used car parts experts at Northwest Auto Parts can help you, their friendly customer service representatives will find a solution that suits your needs.

For those in search of a quality used auto parts vendor that has a rich history in the Anchorage community, contact the professionals at Northwest Auto Parts today at (800) 770-6531. You can also visit them online for a closer look at their inventory.

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