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6 Kitchen Items You Shouldn’t Put Down the Sink December 27, 2018

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6 Kitchen Items You Shouldn’t Put Down the Sink, Elyria, Ohio

Homeowners often use their sinks without paying too much attention to what goes down their drains. While soap, water, and minimal food debris from washing dishes are considered safe, certain substances could cause serious plumbing or sewer issues. To prevent the need for assistance from an emergency plumber, avoid putting the following items down your drain.

6 Kitchen Items That Should Never Go Down the Drain

1. Grease, Oil & Fats

When grease, oils, and fats cool, they can harden into a thick, sticky substance. Even if these materials move smoothly through your pipes, they can build up in your septic tank, leaving you with a clog that will warrant repairs.

2. Flour

To avoid drain blockages, never put flour down your sink drains. Flour is typically added in recipes as a thickening agent, and it forms a paste in your drains, too. Plumbers recommend disposing of flour directly in the garbage can.

3. Pasta & Rice

While rice and pasta might make it down your garbage disposal with ease, they can absorb water once they’re inside your pipes. Like flour, pasta products belong in the garbage to prevent frustrating clogs.

4. Fruit & Vegetable Peels

If you’re peeling produce, make sure the fruit or vegetable peels are kept away from your drain. Although they are sometimes considered acceptable for the garbage disposal, stems and peels could become paste-like when mixed with water, which can block up your sink.

5. Chemicals

plumberSolutions such as cleaners, paints, and chemicals can harm the environment when they enter the water supply, and over time, they could compromise your septic or sewage system. Contact your nearest landfill to learn about local practices for disposal of hazardous materials, and use eco-friendly cleaners whenever possible.

6. Eggshells

While some argue that eggshells benefit draining systems, most experts agree they do more harm than good. Particles scrape and block kitchen sinks while getting stuck to pipe walls. Avoid a clogged drain, and throw eggshells in the trash instead.


If you’re experiencing clogs, drain troubles, or any other plumbing or sewer issues, contact Passanisi Services. Serving Lorain County, OH, these plumbers have more than 20 years of experience and are committed to the utmost level of customer satisfaction. They also provide a broad range of HVAC services. Learn more about how their team can help keep your drains functioning properly by visiting their website, and call (440) 984-2322 to request an appointment with a plumber.

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