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When it comes to finding a plumber or HVAC contractor in Lorain County, OH, there are plenty of options to choose from, but there’s only one company that combines a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction with 20 years of experience and the skills to handle all of your needs. Passanisi Services in Elyria, OH, believes in integrity and delivering high-quality work at honest prices every time.

They are a family-owned business, passionate about providing excellent customer service by exceeding expectations and treating customers with respect. Passanisi Services technicians will inspect your plumbing or HVAC system and offer a detailed estimate about what needs to be fixed or the costs involved with an installation. They will never suggest repairing anything that isn’t broken.

For plumbing services, such as drain cleaning, pipe repair, and overall maintenance, they offer hot water sewer jetting, a unique drain line treatment and conditioner called Total - C and major repairs utilizing the best technology available. Total - C uses a special formula to thoroughly clean and treat household and septic system pipes and lines. Their expert plumbers will use a camera to show the inside of your pipes before and after every job, so you can see the results and any issues that need to be repaired within the system.

Passanisi Services offers thorough pre-season inspections and regular maintenance on HVAC systems, which could save you money by preventing large breakdowns and failures. Keeping your system running smoothly will also lead to energy savings throughout the entire year.

Don’t let a small repair become a huge replacement. Next time you’re looking for a quality plumbing and HVAC contractor, call Passanisi Services at (440) 984-2322. You can also learn more about the services they provide by visiting them online.

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