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What You Need to Know About Automobile Painting December 18, 2018

Covington Central Business District, Covington
What You Need to Know About Automobile Painting, Covington, Kentucky

Whether the result of a minor fender bender or a significant accident, pretty much every vehicle will be subjected to scrapes and dents during its lifetime. After resolving any structural damage, drivers should then consider automobile painting to restore their car to its original condition. But how does this process work? Here’s a closer look at some key facts you should know.

Automobile Painting FAQ

Why does automobile painting take so long?

Automobile painting can be a surprisingly lengthy process, but there’s a good reason for it. Old paint must first be sanded away. Other prep work is also frequently required—for full-body jobs, interior components are often completely removed. Each coat of paint and sealant must have enough time to cure before the next layer is applied to ensure the new paint job lasts.

What damage should be repaired before painting my car?

Trying to paint over damaged areas is a recipe for disaster. Before painting, collision repair experts should address all dent repair issues, as well as scratches or rust spots. This will ensure proper bonding between the paint and the metal.

Can I get an exact color match for my car?

automobile paintingColor matching is surprisingly easy thanks to computerized matching tools. This allows vehicle painters to achieve a mix that looks just like your original paint, so you won’t notice any difference after work is complete.

How long will the new paint last?

With proper care, your new automobile paint can last for the lifetime of the vehicle. Consistently washing and waxing your car, as well as storing it in an area safe from environmental hazards, will significantly extend the lifespan of the paint.


For quality automobile painting that will help your car look like new again, visit Crone’s Auto Body in Kenton County, KY. In business since 1949, the team at this third-generation family owned body shop prides themselves on providing high-quality care at reasonable prices. To learn more about their services or to request a free estimate, visit them online or call (859) 356-1800.

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