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3 Common Winter Garage Door Issues & How to Address Them December 12, 2018

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3 Common Winter Garage Door Issues & How to Address Them, Milford, Connecticut

When the winter season hits, your garage will provide your car with the protection it needs against the elements. But, while this covered area may shield your car from winter weather, you may find that your garage door has problems related to snow, ice, and cold temperatures. While these problems can be frustrating, taking time to assess the symptoms can help you determine what’s behind the issue—and how to fix it. To help you determine if you need professional garage door services, here are a few ways this convenient feature may be affected by the winter.

3 Garage Door Problems to Watch for This Winter

1. Sticking

garage door serviceIf the entryway won’t open at all, check to make sure if it is frozen to the ground or if the panels have frozen to the frame. If freezing is to blame, use a gentle heat source to thaw any ice that is blocking the door’s operation.

If the door opens slightly and sticks on its way up, the issue may be due to metal contraction. In cold temperatures, metal panels and tracking can contract—or shrink—making it harder for the door to open. In some cases, the contraction may be so severe that it causes the tracks or panels to bend. While most cases of metal contraction are resolved when temperatures increase, you should call a garage door service to repair any bent tracks or paneling.

2. Broken Parts

When garages are frozen shut, trying to open them may exert excess pressure on the mechanical components of the system—such as the gears or springs. If you’ve remedied all freezing and still find that your entryway doesn’t open, call a garage door service to determine if there are any broken parts that need to be replaced.

3. Energy Loss

While your garage may open and close properly throughout the winter, you may still find that it causes your energy bills to skyrocket. This problem occurs when a door isn’t sealed or insulated properly, allowing hot air to escape. With hot air being lost and cold air flowing in, your heating system will have to work much harder than it should.

Some simple ways to address this issue include insulating the door or placing weather-stripping around to the perimeter. If these fixes don’t lower your utility bills, consider replacing the door with a more energy-efficient model.


Whether you can’t get out of your garage or you want to boost your home’s energy-efficiency, Automatic Door Company is here to help. Equipped with high-quality products and state-of-the-art systems, this garage door service of Milford and Orange, CT, can quickly pinpoint the source of problems and provide a reliable, cost-effective fix. If repairs aren’t enough, this provider also offers garage door replacement and automatic door opener repairs. To learn more about these capabilities, visit this company online. For service in New Haven and Fairfield counties, call (203) 795-3577.

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