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3 Car Exhaust Colors & What They Mean December 28, 2018

Geneseo, Livingston
3 Car Exhaust Colors & What They Mean, Geneseo, New York

As a driver, it’s important to pay attention to your vehicle so you know when car repairs are necessary. With this in mind, auto mechanics often encourage clients to observe their tailpipes and make note of any changes in exhaust color. To protect your vehicle and safety, here’s a list of three different fume colors and what they say about your car’s condition. 

What Exhaust Colors Tell You About Your Car Repair Needs

1. White

Car RepairWhen your tailpipe is releasing thick white or gray smoke, there’s trouble under the hood. Odds are, you have a leaking head gasket that’s allowing coolant to get heated in the combustion chambers and subsequently filtered out through your exhaust pipe. With coolant leaking, your engine is at a higher risk of overheating. Heavy, continuous white smoke could also indicate a cracked engine cylinder. This can result in your engine stopping and starting at random and decreased acceleration power. 

2. Black

Black exhaust means your vehicle is burning too much fuel. The cause of this excess could be a leaking fuel injector, clogged air filters, or a blocked manifold. These issues will reduce road performance as your car will require extra fuel to operate, and you’ll have a harder time starting your vehicle or idling without foul odors or loud engine noises.

3. Blue

Exhaust with a blue tint means you have an oil leak and your engine is burning oil in addition to fuel. The source of the leak could be in a variety of places, from damaged piston rings to faulty valve seals or worn out cylinder walls. Car repair shops can diagnose the source of blue exhaust fumes right away before the lack of oil lubricant between metal pieces results in aggressive wear and tear. Left unaddressed, this may result in expensive part replacements or a total engine rebuild to keep a vehicle operational. 


M & R Automotive Service Center, run by trusted community member Mark Ricotta, is known throughout Livingston County, NY, for providing unparalleled car repair and towing service. If you’re concerned about the color of your exhaust, call this state-of-the-art auto repair shop today at (585) 243-1201 to schedule an appointment. For more information on these auto mechanics and their 20-year track record for quality craftsmanship and timely service at fair prices, visit their website

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