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How Can a Deer Damage Your Vehicle? December 4, 2018

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How Can a Deer Damage Your Vehicle?, Covington, Kentucky

Encountering a deer while driving can be a common occurrence in many areas, which is why motorists should look out for “deer crossing” signs while navigating rural and suburban roadways. Although the animals can see well in the dark, they are blinded by the glare of headlights, increasing the risk of accidents and the need for collision repair. Here are a few common problems caused by making contact with the animals. 

What Types of Car Damage Do Deer Cause?

Punctured Radiator

If you are driving at high speeds when you hit the deer, its hooves and antlers could puncture components on the front end of your vehicle. The radiator often takes the impact, cracking and causing coolant to seep from inside. If you get into an accident, visit a collision repair specialist immediately.

Continuing to drive with a damaged radiator could cause a chain reaction of issues with other components. If the part can’t cool the fluid before it moves through the water pump’s impeller, the extreme heat could warp the plastic components. The thermostat at the bottom of the radiator hose could also get damaged. If it can’t regulate water flow through the cooling system, the engine could overheat.

Broken Windshield & Lights

Collision repairIf a deer lands on the hood, their body or antlers could also shatter the windshield. In many cases, a collision repair specialist will have to replace the auto glass. Depending on the point of impact, headlights could also break during the accident. If you try to swerve out of the animal’s path, you could sideswipe the startled creature, causing broken rearview mirrors or chips and nicks in car windows. 

Misaligned Suspension

Deer collisions can also loosen or break the connections that link a vehicle to its wheels. If the supports are thrown out of alignment, you might notice the car veers to one side or bounces while you drive. A collision repair specialist might have to replace shock absorbers, springs, wheels, and other suspension components to correct the issue.


If you hit a deer while driving in Kenton County, KY, head to Crone's Auto Body for collision repairs. For nearly 70 years, motorists in Covington, Independence, and the surrounding areas have visited the shop for frame straightening, car painting, dent removal, and additional solutions to erase all traces of damage. They’ll also share advice to prevent future accidents. For a service estimate, call (859) 356-1800, or visit the body shop online to learn about the damage assessment process.

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