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5 Possible Sources of Heat Loss in Your Home & How to Fix Them December 20, 2018

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5 Possible Sources of Heat Loss in Your Home & How to Fix Them, Elyria, Ohio

If the cost of your annual home heating service has increased significantly in recent years, heat loss may be to blame. In simple terms, this form of energy loss occurs when hot air—produced by the HVAC or furnace system—escapes your home, making it more difficult for the heating equipment to achieve and maintain desired indoor temperatures. Fortunately, there are many ways to defend your property against this common problem. To help you save energy and reduce utility costs, here are a few typical sources of heat loss and how you can address them.

5 Common Sources of Residential Heat Loss

1. Unsealed Doors & Windows

Small gaps between doors and windows can create drafts that allow hot air to escape and cold winter air to enter your home. If you feel any drafts, install weatherstripping to seal the perimeters of any troublesome doors and windows. This stripping will help keep warm air inside and reduce your overall dependency on a furnace or HVAC system to stay comfortable.

2. Poor Insulation

furnaceCommonly found in attics, within walls, and beneath flooring, insulation is a type of material that helps block cool or hot air from leaving your home. If your home doesn’t have adequate insulation—or if you’ve had the same insulation for years—it may be time to layer your walls, attics, and floors with an energy-efficient solution.

3. Leaky Ducts

Over time, small leaks can form along air ducts that cause hot air to escape before reaching the proper vent. As a result, furnaces and HVAC systems must work harder and longer to heat up rooms throughout your home. If your energy bills are high, consider hiring a heating contractor to detect ducts for leaks and seal them.

4. Chimneys

While fireplaces are designed to provide heat, chimneys can allow hot air to escape your home. When the fireplace isn’t lit, use a removable chimney balloon to help block airflow and avoid potential heat loss. If your fireplace is purely decorative, having the chimney permanently capped may be a more effective solution.

5. Inefficient Windows

Even if your windows are properly sealed, the glass that they are made from may not be as efficient as you’d hope. If you spot condensation or ice forming on window glass, it may be time to update them with a more energy-efficient material that can help trap heat.


If you’ve addressed these problems and are still experiencing high energy bills, it may be time to have your heating system serviced or replaced. As a trusted heating contractor in Elyria, OH, Passanisi Services has the skills and resources necessary to pinpoint problems affecting your furnace or HVAC system. Utilizing advanced tools, these professionals can provide maintenance and repairs to help your equipment perform more efficiently. Visit this contractor online to learn more about their heating services, or call (440) 984-2322 to request responsive care from a specialist.

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