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3 Questions People Often Have Before Eye Exams December 12, 2018

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3 Questions People Often Have Before Eye Exams, Dothan, Alabama

Scheduling regular eye exams is a crucial part of protecting your health. From eye strain caused by daily activities to diabetes and other diseases, changes in vision can stem from various issues. An optometrist will pinpoint the reason for the problem and put you on the path to strengthening vision and improving overall health. Below are answers to a few popular queries about eye examinations. 

3 Eye Exam Questions Answered 

What equipment is used during the exam?

Although tools and procedures vary, many physicians use retinal cameras to photograph the backs of eyes and document causes for concern. Patients also look through phoropters to read letters on eye charts. The instrument measures refractive error to determine whether a patient needs eyeglasses or changes to current prescriptions. Slit lamps illuminate all parts of the eye, allowing the doctor to look for structural damage in the iris, cornea, and lens. 

What typical eye diseases do doctors check for?

eye-examDoctors often conduct screenings and use scanning equipment to determine whether patients have glaucoma, cataracts, or macular degeneration. Catching these diseases in the early stages could prevent vision loss. If signs of an illness are detected, laser surgery, eye drops, contact lenses, or additional treatments might be recommended. 

How often should I schedule appointments?

How frequently you should arrange eye exams often depends on the status of your eye health. Those who don’t wear contacts or glasses, for example, might be advised to schedule appointments every two years. To catch and correct vision changes as soon as possible, people with existing prescriptions or poor vision and elderly individuals could benefit from yearly exams.


For help maintaining or improving your ocular health, contact Dr. Ron Sealock. Residents throughout Alabama’s Dale, Henry, and Houston counties rely on the Dothan-based eye doctor to use state-of-the-art equipment to detect disease and other eye issues and then provide treatments to help. To schedule an eye exam, call (334) 793-9607. Reach out to the optometry center online for an idea of what to expect during your visit and connect on Facebook for more eye health information.  

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