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3 Reasons Regular Eye Exams Are a Necessity July 20, 2018

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3 Reasons Regular Eye Exams Are a Necessity, Dothan, Alabama

Problems with your vision can occur gradually, remaining unnoticed until they become a significant issue. Regular eye exams allow you to have a professional eye doctor check the health of your eyes and notify you of any changes or potential disease. Dr. Ron Sealock of Dothan, AL advises that they should be a regular part of your health care regimen. If you’re overdue, consider the reasons to schedule one below.

3 Reasons Eye Exams Are Important

1. Disease Screening

Many people aren’t aware that they’re dealing with eye diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration until it’s too late. In some cases, they have very few symptoms, which is why eye exams are so important. An optometrist can check for any early symptoms or warning signs and advise on changes to protect your vision in the future. If they do detect something, early treatment can be started, which can have a profound impact on preserving your vision.

2. Vision Exam

eye-exams-dr-ron-sealockEven if you don’t wear glasses, you want to make sure that your vision is healthy. Basic vision exams test the strength of your eyes; if you wear contact lenses or glasses, they’re especially important, as your eye doctor needs to be certain that your current prescription is effective.

3. Eye Development

Your eyes change throughout your life, and eye exams are the best way to see how. This is especially important for children, who undergo significant changes during different stages of growth. If you have existing vision issues, this is also important so your eye doctor can make sure there are no negative developments that may require a treatment adjustment or a new course of action.

If you’re overdue for your yearly eye exam, turn to Dr. Ron Sealock. He and his team are committed to helping their patients preserve their eye health. His office offers a wide range of services, including basic eye care and disease treatment. They also offer a large selection of eyewear and will work with you to find something that meets all your needs. Call (334) 793-9607 today to schedule an exam and visit their website and Facebook page to learn more.

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