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Should You Add an Exterior Cooler to Your Restaurant? November 27, 2018

Campbellsville, Taylor
Should You Add an Exterior Cooler to Your Restaurant?, Campbellsville, Kentucky

If you’re in the food industry, determining which type of restaurant equipment will best fit your needs requires careful consideration. To maximize the value of your investment, consider both upfront costs as well as the potential long-term payoff. Many restaurants and other companies in the food sector add value to their business with outdoor coolers. Discover whether this addition is right for your company with the helpful guide below.

A Guide to Exterior Coolers for Restaurants & Businesses

Why Exterior Coolers?

restaurant equipmentExterior coolers allow you to maximize your interior space, leaving room in your floor plan for other important pieces of restaurant equipment. They offer the benefit of integrating cooler and freezer features, so you can store a significant amount of diverse products safely and conveniently. You can also choose among a variety of sizes, including 10 x 16, or smaller options for businesses needing less refrigeration space.

What Does Installation Entail?

Before installation, you’ll need to make sure your facility has the available energy usage needed to support the system. Both self-contained walk-in coolers and remote coolers require multiple fans and ample energy use to run. Most walk-in refrigeration systems run 80% of the time, with average kilowatt hours per month (AKWH) varying significantly by size. For instance, 10 x 12 coolers have an AKWH of 1,410, while smaller, 6 x 6 models use 660.

Additionally, slab must be poured at the site of the cooler with enough insulation to ensure moisture doesn’t come up through the concrete. An insulated floor will also support energy savings.

Why Is Now the Right Time to Install?

If you’ve been considering an upgrade for your restaurant equipment, now is a good time to move forward with a new exterior cooler. Prices are anticipated to climb in early 2019 due to a variety of market factors, and while companies will strive to keep prices accessible for restaurant owners, inflation is always an important consideration. By purchasing a new refrigeration upgrade before the end of the year, you may also be able to include this investment when filing taxes for 2018.


When businesses and restaurants in the Campbellsville, KY, area need high-quality commercial freezers and coolers, they turn to Commercial Refrigeration of KY. With a broad range of solutions available for each business’s unique needs, this trusted restaurant equipment company specializes in installations and is available 24/7 for emergency repairs. Learn more about their products by visiting their website or call (270) 465-2910 to speak with a helpful associate.

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