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3 Steps to Take If Your New Eyeglasses Give You a Headache December 3, 2018

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3 Steps to Take If Your New Eyeglasses Give You a Headache, Spencerport, New York

A new prescription and pair of eyeglasses will completely alter how you view the world. This change can be so significant it may cause headaches. Though headaches and discomfort should subside as you adjust to your new spectacles, sometimes pain lingers. If it’s been more than a week or so, take the steps below to discover if your eyeglasses are the culprit and to identify specific lifestyle factors that may be contributing to the problem. As your eyes adjust to the prescription, the pain should never be constant or debilitating; if you find this is the case, consult a doctor immediately. 

What to Do If Your Eyeglasses Give You a Headache

1. Check the Prescription

Prescription changes are usually behind eyeglasses-related headaches. Your eye muscles may have to strain to focus and work with the new prescription, which can sometimes create pain. If regular headaches occur, check your old eyeglasses to see if you suddenly have the same problem with them as well. You may simply need a quick adjustment from your eye doctor to resolve the problem.

2. Consider Missing Features

eyeglassesWhere do the headaches often occur? If it’s at work, for example, long hours in front of a screen without anti-glare filters may actually be to blame for your headaches. Likewise, if you’re using higher prescriptions for close-up use, it may also cause undue strain on your eyes. Frames that are too tight may pinch behind your ears, causing a headache. Your eye doctor will help you find specs that provide the same protection and comfortable fit as your prior pair. 

3. Pay Attention to Environment

Lighting plays a role in affecting the signal between your eyes, eyeglasses, and the visual field. Take note if there’s a particular time of day when you tend to experience headaches, or if they only occur at a particular location. Harsh fluorescent lighting at home or in the office is one of the biggest sources of interference. Your eye doctor will want to explore possible prescription or eyeglasses changes if this is a repeating pattern to minimize pain from external stimuli.


Whether you need new eyeglasses or adjustments to your existing pair, the team at Spencerport Optical will help. They bring over 32 years of optometry experience to residents of Spencerport, NY. They have the sophisticated technology and training necessary to create a vision plan tailored to each patient. Call (585) 352-1960 today to schedule an eye exam, or visit their website to explore their practice further.

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