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A Guide to Galvanized Metal November 29, 2018

Okolona, Central Jefferson
A Guide to Galvanized Metal, Central Jefferson, Kentucky

When you hear that metal is galvanized, you may be wondering what that means and how it differs from metal that is not. Galvanized sheets offer a host of benefits and are used in a variety of industries. Below is brief guide explaining what the term means and where you will find it.

Galvanized Metal Explained

What Does Galvanized Mean?

Galvanized sheets have a layer of zinc that offers extra protection against rust. The process is usually applied to steel or iron, which then extends the lifespan of products made from these materials. Zinc has qualities that fight against corrosion and acidic substances. Even if this layer is damaged or scratched, the zinc still offers rust resistance and slows down the damage to the base metal by degrading faster than the steel or iron underneath. In some galvanized sheets, chromate, a salt with a negatively charged ion containing both chromium and oxygen, is incorporated.

The way to detect if the metal is galvanized is to look for a spangle pattern that looks similar to a snowflake or star with six points. This is usually the case for galvanization done in the high heat hot dip process. For galvanized sheets used for vehicles, the metal is set into a solution of salt water and zinc. This process called electrogalvanization is utilized when high heat is not recommended.

Why Choose Galvanized?

Besides the rust resistance properties, galvanized sheets are also more economical, especially because they are so low maintenance and last much longer than metal that is not treated. Anything from vehicles and bicycles to water pipes can be made from galvanized metal. 

galvanized sheetBecause of their strength and lack of corrosion, many smaller components are crafted from galvanized metal. Items such as nuts, bolts, nails, and wiring are made from these zinc-layered sheets. Even some tools and frames are created using galvanized materials, particularly for structures like balconies and decks that will be exposed to the elements.


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