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3 Ways to Ensure Your Food Truck Business Survives the Slow Season December 6, 2018

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
3 Ways to Ensure Your Food Truck Business Survives the Slow Season, Brooklyn, New York

Every business is seasonal, and mobile food trucks are no exception. As temperatures drop, your customers will become more inclined to stay in the comfort of their homes rather than making the trip to your truck. However, there are some things you can do to keep your business relatively strong throughout the season and maintain momentum for when the temperatures start to rise again.

How to Navigate the Slow Season for Mobile Food Trucks

1. Keep Them Warm

Since the cool temperatures are what keep people home, draw them to your truck by offering warmth. Seasonal warm foods and beverages will generate excitement about your food — customers respond to seasonal flavors — while keeping your customers comfortable. If you have a dining area by your truck, plug in some outdoor heaters or add a fireplace.

2. Stay Socially Engaged

mobile food trucksIt’s easy to get caught up in the lull and stop posting on social media, but you don’t want your customers to forget about you. Take extra time this season to stay in contact through customers. Gather and publish reviews, run contests, and build your online following by offering discounts or other perks for people who engage with you on social media.

3. Generate Hype

Focus on generating hype for when the weather and demand for mobile food trucks warm up again. You can use your social media presence, email newsletters, and website to do this. Think about new foods that you’ll introduce in the spring and post online polls so people can vote for their favorite options. When the time comes, you can introduce your customers’ choice with specials to boost sales.


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